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Updated: Apr 24


2024, Sunday, April 21st - April 27th:

Hello Scorpio, this week you have a lot to contemplate. Where do you see yourself in the future and with whom? The 2 of Wands energy crowns your read. You may have a tough decision to make when it comes to love or a career path. Many opportunities are presenting themselves and some may be afar. Relocation and travels may be on your mind as well. You could have success in recent works that bring in recognition and rewards from your peers. There could be romance blossoming and plans for dates and outings could be on the horizon. Your obstacles manifest as The HIGH PRIESTESS energy. Things feel too good to be true and you may begin to question the intentions and motives of others. Try not to believe intrusive thoughts that loom as this retrograde energy clears out. Doubts and fears can create hesitation and stagnation within a connection or project. Keep your vibrations high and stay confident you are making the right decisions. Things are going to work out as planned. You end the week in The STRENGTH energy. You are confident and patient as things align perfectly. You may find comfort being home or around family as the week comes to an end. There is a peaceful resolution to conflict, and you are able to restore balance where reciprocity became an issue. As long as you can trust the process and enjoy the ride, there are exciting times ahead. Relax, Scorpio. Things are going to work out better this time.

Love Energy: ITS SAFE FOR YOU TO LOVE- (Open your heart to give and receive the highest energy of all.):  Love has been a scary place to be for you, Scorpio. You've been hurt in the past and done your share of hurting and so karma and trauma keep you from fully opening up or commit to love. It's okay to release that past pain and open your heart to a love that isn't so painful. Manifest a love that feels better and believe in your ability to attract and sustain a healthy love. It's okay, Scorpio. let love in.

Spirit Animal Advice: WOLF SPIRIT (67)- (Turn knowledge into wisdom.): You've been through a lot in the past, Scorpio. All of those lessons have given you a well of knowledge and life experience. That experience cannot become wisdom until you have begun to apply that knowledge to your life today. There is no need to fear what you have already overcome. Use what you've learned navigating your past to aid in guiding you towards your future. Move forward in confidence that you have been molded and prepared for anything that could come your way.


2024, Sunday, April 14th - April 20th:

Hello Scorpio, the back and forth in a situation is giving you anxiety. The Knight of Wands (Reversed) energy crowns your read this week. Someone's inconsistencies are beginning to drain your passion and desire to continue to put in efforts to work on repairing a connection. Someone may have an immature attitude and is choosing to make a situation difficult out of resentment. The 4 of Swords (Reversed) energy starts your week. You could be coming off of a break with someone. You are wanting to close the distance between you two and get things back on the same accord. Distance may cause strain on a connection you still value. The 8 of Wands (Reversed) energy represents your obstacles for the week. Blocks in communication are creating frustration and stress in a connection you'd rather reconcile. Someone could be being stubborn. Travel delays or plans could increase frustration and cause stagnation within a project. Maintaining your kool and keeping your head will be a challenge this week. Don't become impulsive. You end the week more confident and clearer headed. The HIGH PRIESTESS energy ends the week. You are making plans and moving in silence. You are no longer resisting or trying to control the outcome of a situation You raise your vibration and affirm that the situation will happen as it's meant. You release the outcome to The Divine and trust the process. It's all working out for you, Scorpio.

Love Energy: MAKE THE EFFORT- (Great love is worth taking the steps you are guided to take.):  Don't be discouraged when your objective does not come together as you hoped it would. Some situations take time, healing and effort. Make sure you are fully committed to the love you are pursuing. Really put in the effort to repair and rebuild what needs to be repaired. For newer connections, don't be afraid to really go for the love you want. Put yourself out there and put in the effort to build the love you want to last.

Spirit Animal Advice: EAGLE SPIRIT (25)- (Spirit has your back.): When obstacles present themselves, you must trust in the protection of The Divine. Spirit is working with you, trying to guide you to or away from your desires. Pay attention to the signs from Spirit and trust the divine plan when things feel unclear. Take time to pause and tune in to your heart space to see what Spirit has been trying to communicate to you. The Divine fully supports you and if you feel you need to get closer to Spirit, take out some time to do so.


2024, Sunday, April 7th - April 13th:

Hello Scorpio, this week you're not holding back. The Knight of Pentacles (Reversed) energy crowns your read. There's finally forward movement after what feels like a period of stagnation within a situation. Money may have been delayed or tied up, but things are finally opening up and moving forward. The EMPRESS energy starts the week. You are motivated and inspired to get things moving. Your vibrations are high, and you feel able to get things done. You may be waiting on news or information to come in, in order to get things moving on a project or relationship. The Page of Pentacles (Reversed) energy represents your obstacles this week. There is a fear of rejection attached to an offer being made. You may still be waiting on resources, and you are hoping there are no more delays. Keeping your eyes on the prize and staying optimistic may be the task at hand this week. You end the week much more balanced. The 6 of Cups energy ends your week. A connection reaches a common ground, and nostalgia and comfort fill a once strained connection. Harmony is the goal and you and others are working to keep the peace. Things are looking better, Scorpio. Don't self-sabotage these situations, they are still fragile.

Love Energy: MAKE THE EFFORT- (Great love is worth taking the steps you are guided to take.):  You are focused on repairing a bond or showing someone how serious you are about them. You have to do the work it takes and some of that make require you to be vulnerable. This love is worth putting your pride aside. Show your person they matter to you in whatever way you feel you are being guided to do so. Build, and for some rebuild, this amazing love. It's worth it.

Spirit Animal Advice: BADGER SPIRIT (4)- (Be fearless and bold.): The courage required to bring these situations into balance requires a confidence that your ego cannot sustain. You have to be bold enough to be vulnerable and fearless enough to know you won't fail at anything you do, without your ego feeling challenged. Overcome these obstacles and boldly face any conflict.


2024, Sunday, March 31st - April 6th:

Hello Scorpio, you are focused on manifesting a new start or restart within a situation. The MAGICIAN energy crowns your read this week. You are focused on seeing an objective come to pass. There could be a new job or opportunity you're hoping for and so you are doing everything you have to in order to make sure that it happens for you. That may include removing bad habits or toxic people from your environment. The 5 of Swords (Reversed) energy starts your week. You could have been hesitant to remove certain people or things. There may have been recent secrets revealed, but trust, Scorpio, it was for the best. This release has brought in the opportunity to start new. Your obstacles manifest as the 4 of Pentacles energy. There may be a debt that creates tension due to a lack of communication. You may have a hard time expressing yourself or opening up during an important conversation. Holding in truths, feelings and even secrets can create more distance and discomfort. Pride may be causing someone to hold back their true feelings or admit fault within a situation. Open up, Scorpio. Express your emotions and find a resolution. You end the week in the Ace of Wands energy. A fresh and passionate new beginning is upon you. A relationship may be forming or restarting after a period of distance or separation. Passion is high and this energy is inviting excitement and rejuvenation. Reconciliations may offer a fresh start in a business endeavor or love partnership. Find a way to resolve the situation and don't let fear or pride cause you to lose something or someone valuable to you, Scorpio.

Love Energy: MAKE THE EFFORT- (Great love is worth taking the steps you are guided to take.): If you want to keep this connection it's going to require sacrifice and compromise. Ego and pride along with past trauma could be blocking receptivity. There may be a lack of reciprocity, and someone feels unappreciated in a connection. Let down your guards and put your pride to the side. In order to have and sustain the love you desire; you must put in the effort it takes to do so. This requires vulnerability and openness. Allow The Divine to guide you towards the love you desire. Set your eyes on the prize and put in the effort it takes to attain it.

Spirit Animal Advice: DOVE SPIRIT (21)- (Be peace.): There has been so much going on around you, Scorpio, it seems like there is conflict around every corner. Inner conflict regarding multiple situations and connections has manifested into outer conflict. You must find an internal state of peace and in some situations, you have to pick a side or make a decision. You may have to face a painful past or hold yourself and others accountable for past mistakes. Find resolution and work to deescalate these quarrels and mend all the bonds worth mending. To find peace in these situations, you must be the peace in these situations.


2024, Sunday, March 24th - 30th:

Hello Scorpio, this week may have you all over the place emotionally. The 10 of Wands (Reversed) crowns your reading. There may have been a recent ending creating internal conflict while other situations are causing external conflict. External parties may have contributed to an unwanted ending. The 9 of Swords energy starts your week. Frustration and overthinking set the tone for an overwhelming start of the week. There may be anxiety around an ending and truths being revealed. Financial setbacks can add to your stress, Scorpio. The 8 of Cups (Reversed) represents your obstacles for the week. You may struggle to walk away from a situation. Your past may continue to intrude in present affairs, bringing stress and irritation with them. That stress and irritation manifests into full conflict with the 5 of Wands energy ending the week. There may be familial disputes and friends who overstep boundaries. Past lovers may create conflict within an already strained connection. There may be physical altercations that transpire this week if Scorpios can't control their temper. The past always has a way of showing up and interfering with your present. Use this conflict to finalize endings, set boundaries and problem solve issues that genuinely matter to you.

Love Energy: ROMANTIC FEELINGS- (Your feelings are real and worth exploring.): You can't ignore your feelings forever, Scorpio. They have a way of making themselves known in the most uncomfortable ways. There is a person that generates feelings you cannot run from nor deny any longer. The connection you and this person share is real and it's time for you to stop suppressing your feelings and start exploring them. Relinquish your fear of vulnerability and open up. You are creating unnecessary resistance within a meaningful connection.

Spirit Animal Advice: ELEPHANT SPIRIT (25)- (Learn from the past.): You have conquered so much, Scorpio. In those past battles and feats, you have gained a well of knowledge but to the contrary, you neglect the lessons of the past when triggered. It is time for you to control your impulses and learn from your past. You've done away with many bad habits and lost out on numerous opportunities operating from your impulses and fears. It's time to end redundant cycles and make your next move your best move. Take the lessons of your past and apply them to your present. You know better, so do better, Scorpio.


2024, Sunday, March 17th - 23rd:

Hello Scorpio, you may have the urge to protect your energy this week. The 7 of Wands crowns your reading, suggesting there could be conflict in your life coming from multiple people or influences. You feel the need to defend yourself or your actions against these people. You may have chosen to distance yourself from family and friends due to past conflict. The Queen of Cups (Reversed) energy starts the week. Emotions are dry and there may even be a bitterness or resentment energy within a situation. There may be unresolved issues with a maternal energy. A love connection may be strained due to harsh words and insincerity. The obstacles present themselves as the Queen of Swords (Reversed). Confusion and indecision, coupled with a sharp tongue and a short fuse could create conflict within a situation. There is a need to distance yourself from people or remove yourself from an environment. Clarity and honest communication are needed in a situation that has smoke in mirrors, half-truths and deception. Open & honest communication, Scorpio! The WORLD energy ends the week. The end of a chapter is here. This ending is necessary in order for you to advance into your next phase of life. A rocky relationship may get closure from a past deception, that allows for forward movement. These endings lead to new beginnings and a leveling up spiritually. The pain and confusion of the past will be the catalyst for change in your new season.

Love Energy: SEPARATION- (Time apart from your partner is on the horizon.): This week may warrant space and separation from your partner. Trust issues and a conflict of interest could bring a connection to pause. Distance emotionally or physically could be on the horizon, bringing in discomfort. Do not create more confusion, Scorpio. Allow the space and don't fill it with past vices. Process, regroup and ground yourself in this space. This separation doesn't have to be permanent, but any damage created during this separation can be. Use this time and space wisely.

Spirit Animal Advice: FLAMINGO SPIRIT (26)- (Embrace the in between.): The most uncomfortable place to be is in between our last and our next. As uncomfortable as this time may be, it is actually an opportunity to tend to self. Reflection and space are needed to process emotions and release trauma or pride. Instead of suppressing emotions or running back to your chaotic past, you must embrace this time and use it to set boundaries and intentions for your future. Embrace the space you are in. Fill it with healing and high vibrations so that it may pass and allow you to move into your New. It will all be worth it.


2024, Sunday, March 10th- 16th:

Hello Scorpio, this week you'll have to stay grounded. The 10 of Pentacles (Reversed) crowns your reading. There's a feeling of incompletion as you have breakthroughs in some places and severances in others. There could be the feeling that something or someone is missing as you reach goals or milestones after having to leave some people behind. The Page of Swords starting the week says there could be a lurking energy around you, Scorpio. Someone may have their eyes on you, watching your social media or even riding past your home. Beware of intrusive thoughts what try to lower your vibration. Gossip and other outside energies may also try to lower your vibration. The CHARIOT represents your obstacles, as you may have a hard time moving forward in a situation. You may need to make up your mind on a situation regarding a move or travel. Do not overthink yourself into analysis paralysis. Weigh out your options and trust your decision. There could be a decision you are second guessing due to fear. Go for it, Scorpio the outcome will be what you make it. The HERMIT energy ending the week indicates the need to sit with yourself and find the answers to the questions you are weighing out in your mind. Isolation may be in stored as the week come to a close. Use this time wisely. Do not give into your fears, Scorpio. You know what you truly desire.

Love Energy: PLAYFULNESS- (To recapture romance, allow your inner youthful spirit of fun to shine.): Life has felt heavy and burdensome as of recent. Find time to do the things that bring you inspiration with people you enjoy. Laughter is the best medicine for you, Scorpio. Spend time with children or maybe return to a pastime from your youth that made you feel inspired, challenged, or free. Your inner child needs to smile. Find something to do to occupy idle time that does just that.

Spirit Animal Advice: STARFISH SPIRIT (59)- (Open to infinite possibilities.): When things look unsure, it's easy to think the worst. Our fears use those opportunities to come to the surface and make a home in the vacant spaces where our confidence would usually be. We must always remain optimistic and trust that we are always in the best spaces to change our life. Stay open to the possibilities and potential that lives within you. The possibilities are endless, limited only by your own beliefs.


2024, Sunday, March 3rd - 9th:

Hello Scorpios, this week there's no more holding back. With the 2 of Swords crowning your energy this week, it seems that you've not only been ignoring your intuition but also not fully expressing your desires or concerns. While this may have helped to keep the peace in one area of your life, it has definitely created blockages and disconnects in others. The HANGED MAN energy starts your week as you remove yourself from chaotic and controversial energies that could manifest through family quarrels and even distance in relationships. Sitting back and evaluating the spaces you are in is priority for your progression. Do not be egotistical, SCORPIO; acknowledge your role in any discord you are in and create an action plan that takes accountability and warrants changed behavior on your part, as well as the changes you expect in others. Your obstacles this week present themselves in the energy of the 9 of Pentacles (Reversed) as you may feel that alone and disconnected from the world right now, you may not have all the resources you need to flourish alone. There may be a desire to be single from a connection or connections, but that may cause you to lose access to resources that are provided within those connections. For others you may feel that your partner desires to be free of you, and this energy still creates the same concerns. You end the week in The FOOL energy, simply trusting the Universe to carry you in the areas you fall short. You may decide to put yourself back out there, after a period of being in hermit mode. This is a good thing, Scorpio. A change of perspective with a change of environment may be just what you need in order to conquer new territory and recover a new well of resources. Be brave, Scorpio, Spirit supports all you do.

Love Energy: PASSION- (Allow your Heart & Soul to sing with joy.): This week you are needing to find the spark in love again. Doing things that feel your heart up and make you feel the most excited and energized will help you to create the energies around love that you want to feel. Love may have felt burdensome in the recent weeks. Rekindling the passion and spark in your connection will be vital to saving it. Doing things that stimulate you can be what draws in love for my single Scorpios. Connecting with your partner on intimate levels, where obligation and priorities do not exist may be the best approach to rekindling a once passionate connection.

Spirit Animal Advice: PORCUPINE SPIRIT (48)- (Time for a beginner's mind.): They say insanity is to continue to do the same thing expecting new results. In order to start something new and create a new outcome, you must enter with a new perspective and new intentions. There's no more holding back Scorpio, it is time for you to put your best foot forward and really go for what it is that you want. You are not allowed to live in your fears or past, lest you receive the same outcome. It is time for a beginner's mind, a new approach, and a new level of dedication. The opportunities are endless if you have to courage to step into new, uncharted territory and learn new ways of doing and being.

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Apr 09
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Everything I’ve been going through and feel was read like a book. Absolutely amazing.

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