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Disclaimer*** My Content Is For Entertainment Purposes ONLY! I Am In No Way Responsible For Any Decisions Made After Viewing Any Of My Content. All Of My Content Is Opinion Based & Should Not Be Used To Make Life Changing Decisions. I Trust My Guidance Is Making It Easier For You To Make The Best Decisions For Yourself. This Is A Safe Space Where All Are Welcome. Please Leave Your Bias, Prejudice & Judgement For Me & My Actions, Beliefs Or Content. Please Simply Enjoy My Content. Your Opinion (Especially That Of OPPOSITION) Is Not Required To Enjoy The Energy Here. Simply Experience All That Is ME & Allow Me To Express Myself Freely. I hope to bring a smile to your face and Light to Your Day! 



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No spreading of any copyrighted material


No spamming or advertising


Admin decisions are final


Please Be KIND!

Return/ Exchange Policy

***There is a STRICT NO RETURN Policy. All Purchases Are Final! ***

* If in any instance your order is damaged in shipping, an exchange of merchandise will be processed once damage claim is filled and the damaged merchandise is returned. 

*If in any instance your appointment has to be cancelled on my accord, a refund of any fees paid to reserve that appointment will be refunded. 

*If in any instance merchandise purchased needs to be exchanged for a different size, an exchange of merchandise will be processed once exchange claim is filled and the merchandise is returned. 

Shipping Policy

*Shipping Fees correspond with USPS shipping prices.

*Please confirm shipping address. If an item is returned due to incomplete or incorrect address, shipping will be charged to reship the order to the correct address.

*Shipping fees will be paid at the time of purchase included in your total unless your shipping fees are waved, at which  FREE SHIPPING will be stated. 

*International Shipping Available. Please inquire about international shipping.

* If in any instance your order is damaged in shipping, an exchange of merchandise will be processed once damage claim is filled and the damaged merchandise is returned. 

* Shipping Days Are Tuesday & Thursday. Your Order will be shipped at the next closest shipping day to your order confirmation receipt. Please allow 7- 10 business days for your order to arrive. Shipping time varies according to location & local shipping schedules.

Booking Policy

*48 Hours Advance Booking! Absolutely No Same Day Appointments (Even If The Time Slot Is Marked As Available. Appointment Will Be Cancelled! Appointments MUST BE Scheduled 48 hours from the Appointment Desired.

*All Appointments Are Booked In CENTRAL STANDARD TIME ! If You Book In Advance, Please Set A Reminder With The Accurate Time Zone. PLEASE CONFIRM YOUR APPOINTMENT!



* PLEASE BE MINDFUL OF YOUR APPOINTMENT TIME FRAME, AS I HAVE OTHER APPOINTMENTS. AFTER YOUR READING I MUST MOVE ON TO MY NEXT APPOINTMENT. (As much as I enjoy connecting with you, back story & conversations after the readings are causing me to be late to my next booked appointments.) 

* If For Any Reason MY Energy Does Not Feel Comfortable Reading Your Energy, A Full Refund Will Be Given. Payments Are Handled Through MY WEBSITE (not my pockets) & Refunds Will Be Issued Through MY Site as Well. Please Allow 1-5 Days for Refunds to Be Processed Depending on Your Financial Institution. 

* Refunds Will ONLY BE Issued If for Any Reason I Miss OR Have to Cancel Your Appointment.


*PLEASE Set Reminders in Your Devices If Your Appointment Is Booked Out in Advance.


*IF You Need to Reschedule, There Must Be A 24hr Advance Notice & Your New Appointment Must Be Booked Through My Booking Site with Whatever Availability Is Open. The New Appointment MUST Be Booked Within 24 hours of the Missed Appointment Slot. A $22.22 Cancellation Fee Will Be Charged for the Appointment Slot You Occupied, at Which Point Your Deposit Will Be Applied. Deposits Are To Hold A Specific Time Slot & Will Not Be Transferred for Rescheduled Appointments. 

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