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Hello Everyone, I'm Jess!


Hobbies & Talents

  • Writing (Music, Poetry, Short Stories, Journaling, etc.)

  • Reading & Learning New Things

  • Interior Design & Event Staging

  • Modeling & Photography

  • Eating Delicious Foods

  • Singing/ Rapping

  • Skating & Dancing

  • Collecting Crystals & Making Cryatal Jewelry

  • Traveling & Seeing New Places

  • Crafting, Buidling & DIY Projects

  •  Poetry & Public Speaking 

A Little About Me

   Hello world, I'm Jess. Born LaJessica James On July 4, 1989, I am the 2nd of 4 children. A Mississippi Native, I relocated to Milwaukee, WI at age 9 with my mother & 3 siblings. Before Milwaukee, we moved around a lot.

   Growing up in Milwaukee was rough, but I managed my good grades, working as a high school student, as well as my sports and dance team. I was especially fond of writing and found myself writing poetry, music & stories. I would sit alone and read for hours. Those past times stuck with me into adulthood. 

   After graduating high school, 6 months pregnant, my future shifted into full time mother. I juggled work over the next few years in childcare where I thrived, retail management, office management, banking and bartending. 

   My Life shifted in 2017, when I lost my little brother. In his loss, I lost many other comforts as well. It was in that time that I unknowingly entered my spiritual Journey. In the summer of 2018, I began to explore meditation and mantras as well as chakra healing. I've always had a thirst for knowledge and so I began to look into different ancient cultures to understand what I felt I may have been missing in my life. 

   Since I've begun this journey, I've found many new aspects of myself, many of which I had separated from in my new found motherhood and pursuit for love. I've since created many art works, gained a beautiful group of supporters and followers, and manifested elements of my goal life. I choose not to identify with any one ideal, belief system or cultural identity as I am a part of the whole. I choose to identify as the person before you. As I release all expectations of myself, I ask you to do the same, as we both experience all that is me. Thank you for being a part of this journey with me. 

Where Can You Find Jess?

I Will Always Reserve The Right To Reschedule Or Cancel Any Date Or Event, Should My Or My Family's Health & or Well Being Become Compromised. I Want To Always Make Sure I Am At 100% For You All But Also Maintaining A Healthy 100%, Even IF It Requires Stepping Away To Tend To My Health, Family or Affairs. Thanks For Understanding.

                                                                                     Love, Jess


Wanna Contact ME?

Booking Inquiries:


Cashapp : $jemjunkiies


Facebook: ItsJess ThaVibe/ Jess ThaVibe

Tiktok: ItsJess_ThaVibe 

Instagram: itsjess_thavibe

clubhouse: itsjess_thavibe

YouTube: Its Jess ThaVibe 

Twitter: ItsJess_ThaVibe

Patreon: ItsJess_ThaVibe

To Send Gifts, Samples Or Merchandise:

Office of Jess ThaVibe

3836 N 24th PLace

Milwaukee, WI 53206

(NO anonymous packages! If packages do not have return shipping,

they will NOT be accepted.)

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