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Updated: Apr 22


2024, Sunday, April 21st - April 27th:

Hello Pisces, you are focused on manifesting, and you are keeping your eyes on the prize. The 9 of Cups energy crowns your read this week. You are in a high manifestation energy and things are not only feeling better but coming together with divine synchronicities. You start the week in The HEIROPHANT (Reversed) energy. Past separations are becoming final. Broken promises, commitments or contracts release you from a prior commitment that you may have felt was holding you back. There could be divorce and custody battles for some Pisces. You are released from commitments and are now manifesting your next big moves. The Knight of Pentacles (Reversed) energy represents your obstacles this week. You may become impatient as you wait for resources, income or an offer to come in after a period of delay. You see that a connection isn't moving forward or has no future, and you could feel like walking away. You are clearing your energy of distractions and obstructions. You end the week in the Ace of Pentacles energy. There could be a new career opportunity or entrepreneurial endeavor that presents itself to you. You could be offered a promotion, a new job or an offer to collaborate. This offer has the opportunity to bring in income and unlock new doors in your professional and personal life. Be patient, Pisces. Things are aligning and coming together perfectly.

Love Energy: FORGIVING AND LEARNING- (As you release and heal the past, you experience more love in the present.): As necessary endings occur, you must release the pain and guilt as well as the person, in order for you to move forward and heal. The most painful endings bare the loudest lessons. Take the lessons of the past and leave the pain. Move forward and stay open and receptive to love coming in the future. You are wiser and you've grown. Your new love will match your elevation and growth.

Spirit Animal Advice: TURTLE SPIRIT (62)- (Slow and steady and wins the race.): Anything worth having is going to take time. Delays are untimely but trust that all things are happening in divine timing. Take your time and be patient as things unfold. As much as we love instant gratification, you are in a space to put in some good work and quality time towards something meaningful and long-lasting. Consistency and dedication are your keys to success and progression.


2024, Sunday, April 14th - April 20th:

Hello Pisces, it's time to trust in the decision you've made and really put yourself out there. The FOOL energy crowns your read this week. You've recently taken a leap of faith and started something new. For some of you, that could have included a relocation or travels, and for others there's a new job or relationship you are beginning. These changes may have been abrupt, and you may have had fears on if you were making the right decisions for yourself. You start the week in the 5 of Wands (Reversed) energy. You are releasing inner conflict and resting in the choices you've made to free yourself of a chaotic situation. There could have been family drama you've recently removed yourself from or friend dynamics that you've outgrown or can't reconcile with. Your obstacles manifest as The WHEEL OF FORTUNE. You may have a hard time moving on and that is to be expected. Fast changes and shifts can create anxiety. You'll have to keep yourself affirmed until new endeavors bear their desired fruit. You may fear the direction of a connection, due to your past or due to a situation starting to move faster than anticipated. You have to get rid of self-sabotaging thoughts and habits, and for some that includes rushing into connections. Make sure you take you time and make sure you are ready to invest in a connection. You end the week in the 5 of Swords energy. You begin to get out of your own way and start making the necessary changes in your environment to reflect what it is you want to see. You may create plans for dieting, exercise or other forms of self-care and self-discipline. You are holding yourself accountable for where you are now more than ever, and making sure you get exactly where you want to be.

Love Energy: TRUE LOVE- (This is the romance of a lifetime.):  The love you are giving yourself during this time is manifesting an amazing love externally. You are teaching someone, as well as the Universe, just what kind of love you desire and deserve. There is a lover here to give you just that. A love that you can rely on and build with is within reach. Don't' let fears or doubts from the past cloud your judgment. You know what it feels like to be loved, correctly and that love is here for you, Pisces. Let that amazing love in, you deserve it.

Spirit Animal Advice: BEAVER SPIRIT (6)- (Lay a solid foundation): The work you put in today lays the foundation to everything you are trying to build tomorrow. Make sure that you are putting in the effort and consideration along with the proper actions to get the best possible outcome. Do your best work and lay a strong foundation to what will become a fruitful garden that will feed you as long as you need. This is the time to do that work. You are entering a new chapter and the connections you make and the effort you put into achieving your goals will set your trajectory towards making the most out of them.


2024, Sunday, April 7th - April 13th:

Hello Pisces, your dreams and desires are becoming clearer. The 9 of Cups energy crowns your read this week. You are turning your attention away from the needs or troubles of others and are redirecting your focus to yourself. You are in a high manifesting energy, and so staying optimistic and forward thinking will be the task and goal. The HEIROPHANT energy starts your week. Your spiritual connection and growth through this rough time may be your focus. Committing to yourself, or to a connection, to not making the same mistake twice has driven the need for firm boundaries and expectations or even vows to self and or your partners. Your fears manifest as the Knight of Wands (Reversed) energy. You may fear someone has not let go of their old ways or have internal conflict on if you believe in someone's ability to commit or contribute their share equally. An inconsistent past may drain someone hope for a bright and repaired future within a project or relationship. Stay focused and get to work, Pisces. You end the week in the 8 of Pentacles energy. You are ready and willing to do the work it takes to get you and this project or relationship where it is meant to be. You may receive a promotion or job offer and you are excited to show what you can bring to the table and really make an impression. Believe it or not, showing a job, or relationship who you really are and what you really bring to the table is what you need to see as well, Pisces. You need to see what you can really bring to the table once you are all in. Get to it!

Love Energy: VERY SOON- (Clearly decide what you want so that it comes to you now.):  Things are changing rapidly, and it is becoming clear to you now more than ever that you now have multiple options on which direction your life can go. Setting your heart on simply one outcome may be difficult, but you'll discover that the clearer you become on one set outcome, objective or person, the easier it is to see it in your future. Your plans become clearer, and your actions become more confident, sure and planned out. It's time to start choosing which direction this new path is going to go. You are ready and it's on the way.

Spirit Animal Advice: KOALA SPIRIT (35)- (Spirit has a plan.): When the outcome feels out of control, you must have faith in the Divine Plan. Spirit is always working. No matter how undesirable the situation may be at the moment, The Divine are always working to pull you through any situation you experience, so there's no situation you can't see yourself through. When things become unclear, trust in the works of the Most High and know that all things are working for you behind the scenes. Trust Spirit & trust Spirit's plan.


2024, Sunday, March 31st - April 6th:

Hello Pisces, this week your energy is stabilizing after a season of shifting. The 6 of Pentacles crowns your read. Money owed to you may be repaid or you are able to finally clear debts. You receive the fruits of your labor and are able to assist others. This feels long overdue, with the 7 of Pentacles starting the week. You may be waiting on money owed to you. There are investments and opportunities you've planted seeds in that have amazing potential, although they may not have manifested fully. Don't be discouraged, Pisces. Your obstacles manifest as the 9 of Swords (Reversed). Staying grounded could be difficult this week. Get out of your head and try not to worry about the future. All things are working in your favor. Try and stay present and fill your idle mind with new experiences. Create new memories instead of replaying the old and painful memories. You end the week in the King of Wands energy. You have a surge of energy. Doing things that you are passionate about can help you stay present and grounded. You are attractive and people will want to be around you. This weekend may bring in new connections and a wave of much needed excitement. Stay out of you head and enjoy the moment, Pisces. Things are balancing out.

Love Energy: ATTRACTION- (You attract romantic love by enjoying this moment fully.): Try to stay in the present moment, Pisces. Reflecting on the past could lower your vibration and worrying about the future may create unnecessary anxiety. Do things that keep you present and in the best spirits. Get out of the house and spend your extra or idle time doing things that you are passionate about. Those high vibrations and good feels are just what you need to bring in new connections, that can grow to be long lasting bonds. Go out, connect with people and enjoy yourself.

Spirit Animal Advice: KOALA SPIRIT (35)- (Spirit has a plan.): An idle mind is the devil's playground. Trying to stay out of your head and in the present moment is the task for you, Pisces. Stay grounded and trust The Divine above all things. God is working things out for you. Don't allow your fears to manifest into reality. Rest your mind in serenity. Release the need to control the things you cannot change, do your best to influence all the things you can and trust in your ability to recognize the difference. All will be well.


2024, Sunday, March 24th - 30th:

Hello Pisces, this week you are feeling good and standing in your power. The EMPORER energy crowns your read this week. You are putting your emotions to the side and reclaiming your power. Isolation may have allowed the time and space to heal emotional wounds and regain your composure after a loss. You start the week in The EMPRESS energy. You are vibrating high and paired with The EMPORER energy, are now balanced and divinely aligned. You have resources at your fingertips, and you are attractive; People want to be around you this week, Pisces. Your obstacles manifest as the Page of Pentacles (Reversed). Lingering feelings regarding a lost opportunity may come to lower your vibration. Don't let it, Pisces. The feeling of being rejected by a person may pull out unwanted emotions or resentment. Do not dwell on these energies. You end the week strong. The MAGICIAN energy ends the week, and you are manifesting. You are focused on your desired outcome, and you are utilizing the proper resources to make it happen. This shift in your energy is for the better and your life benefits from this high vibration and productivity. Stay focused on your win, Pisces. Its closer than you think.

Love Energy: YOU DESERVE LOVE- (You are lovable.): You are an amazing person, Pisces. The love you give is healing and the love you deserve should be just as healing. You are in the position to call in newness and that includes new love. Don't be afraid or shut off to romance, Pisces. You deserve love and to call it in for you, you must remain open. You deserve reciprocity and appreciation. Call it in for you with no fear. You need and deserve this kind of love.

Spirit Animal Advice: SQUIRREL SPIRIT (57)- (Believe in yourself.): Minor setback to a major comeback, Pisces. You know that no matter what you go through, you will be victorious because you have the spirit of a winner. You have to believe in yourself with an unmovable faith right now, Pisces. Things are shifting for the better and this restart will catapult you into the best season of your life. Trust yourself and your ability to manifest your dreams into reality. These obstacles are to be overcome and the battles are to be conquered. Believe in yourself, you got this, Pisces.


2024, Sunday, March 17th - 23rd:

Hello Pisces, this will be a week of celebration. The three of cups brings in gatherings and happy times, as you try to put the remnants of a painful situation behind you. You may be surrounded by friends and family. Enjoy this time. You start the week trying to put emotions behind you. The Knight of Cups energy starts your week. You remove emotions from a situation and try to accept everything for what it was. You may be pushing through a painful ending where you may have had to leave people behind or make a head over heart decision. The 10 of Wands represents your obstacle energy this week. You may replay the scenes of this painful ending over and over again or find yourself revisiting memories of the past. Acceptance could be a struggle for you, Pisces, and you may find yourself emotionally all over the place. You end the week keeping to yourself. The 2 of Swords energy tell us you may not be opening up much. Declined calls and the need to be alone are the vibes to end the week. This may draw up concern, as people will miss you or may be looking forward to seeing you. As you try to turn off your emotions, you may choose to disconnect completely and make time for you. Try to process your emotions from a safe space, rather than suppress them.

Love Energy: CALLING IN YOUR SOULMATE- (Your prayers affirmations & visualizations help bring you together.): As things end, you find more space to manifest. Emotional upset can cause you to think the worst within any situation. When calling in the love you desire, you must use these times to manifest the things you desire at its highest vibration. Your soulmate is searching for you, just like you are looking for them. Once you make space, you can use this time to visualize the love you are wanting to fill that new space with. It's coming.

Spirit Animal Advice: DOVE SPIRIT (21)- (Be Peace.): Use this week to find peace within yourself regarding this new chapter. Conflict and confusion are ending, and you now have the time to create a new peace in your life. This requires serenity. Acceptance and allowing life to flow for you is essential for you right now, Pisces. In order to find this peace, you must be peace. Don't let the past pain, that you are finally getting away from, disturb your newfound peace. Have it, BE IT.


2024, Sunday, March 10th - 16th:

Hello Pisces, closure and completion crown your reading this week. The WORLD representing endings, and a successful completion of a cycle, indicates that last week may have resulted in finalities and farewells. You may be intolerant or unforgiving of others, with the King of Cups (Reversed) as the energy starting the week. You may feel apologies and emotional displays are insincere. The week progresses with the obstacles being represented in the HEIRPOHANT. Staying grounded and committed may be a challenge this week as your emotions may be all over the place. There may be opportunities that present themselves, although they may feel like rebounds compared to the prior disappointment. You end the week in the King of Pentacles energy. Ground yourself, the losses are over and there's more in stored for you. Advancement and progression are still finding their way to you. You end the week much more grounded and confident. You may find support or assistance in financial matters. Keep your kool, Pisces, the grass is greener!

Love Energy: WORTH WAITING FOR- (Divine timing is at work in your love life.): Spirit is still at work in your love life, Pisces. If you are feeling loveless right now, rest assured the Universe is aligning you with the person that is just right for you. Use this time to create plans and goals and try not to wallow in your low vibrations. Do things that you enjoy. Faith in the Divine is essential right now. Every loss is a lesson in preparation for your truest love. Be patient, love is still brewing, Pisces.

Spirit Animal Advice: SWAN SPIRIT (60)- (Time for a deep dive.): Your emotions may be all over the place, Pisces. This is the perfect time to explore those emotions and really ground yourself. Allow yourself to feel. Be graceful, understanding and forgiving. This may be a moment for self-reflection and self-awareness. Space is needed now. Try not to continue replaying your disappointments over and over again, as that's past energy, no matter how painful it may be right now. Pick yourself up & remember who you are and why you do what you do. Look forward, there's still so much to come.


2024, Sunday, March 3rd - 9th:

Hello Pisces, this week starts with a feeling of disappointment. With the TOWER crowning your reading, an unexpected turn of events could have you feeling stuck and unsure of how to pick up the pieces and move forward. With the 8 of Wands (Reversed), a miscommunication or a lack thereof or even travel delays could also bring rain to your parade, as you are beginning to see that the fruits of your labor may reside on the other side of this adversity. Getting to that other side can look difficult if not impossible at this point, Pisces. The SUN (Reversed) as your obstacle to overcome could indicated that you may find it difficult to stay positive and focused on the brighter side of this situation this week. The 4 of Cups ending the week let us know there is more in stored for you, Pisces. These unexpected changes are for the better, as the Universe has something else planned for you. Try to find the silver lining in all of the disappointment and adversity. Keep your energy optimistic and self-motivated to bounce back and get back to the drawing board. Keep your eyes open for divine signs and messages as Spirit guides you into your next opportunity. Everything happens for a reason, and Spirit is working behind the scenes to turn these losses and lessons into blessings.

Love Energy: PLAYFULNESS- (To recapture romance, allow your inner youthful spirit of fun to shine.): This week may bring in disappointment and low vibrations. Try to find something to do that makes you smile and/or feel inspired. Do your best to shift your energy back into a more positive and playful state, as that energy will best bring in connections that lift your spirit and inspire you as well.

Spirit Animal Advice: FROG SPIRIT (28)- (Clear out the clutter.): Use this week to get rid of old and outdated energies in your home and in your heart. Memories that invite in fear and or doubt are to be released. Items that invite in old and traumatic memories as well as old and broken things that hold emotional attachments to old people are to be removed and purged. Clearing space allows room for new things to manifest. With a TOWER in your energy, the Universe is clearing all the things you have not. Allow this to happen as uncomfortable as it may be at first, as it is long overdue, and necessary in order to realign with your highest self and truest purpose. All will be well, Pisces.

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I 💙 the new weekly Horoscopes, they have been spot on. I make sure to take a look at my sun, moon and rising and venus to get the full read. I look forward to seeing them weekly. Thank you Jess, keep up the great work!

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