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Updated: Apr 24


2024, Sunday, April 21st - April 27th:

Hello Sagittarius, you are focused on seeing a situation through to the end. The WORLD energy crowns your read this week. You could be wrapping a project that has taken a long time to complete. As chapters end, new chapters are beginnings and there is so much to come from all of your hard work. You start the week in the 7 of Pentacles energy. You could be playing the waiting game as you wait for a situation or opportunity to finally come in. Delayed plans and continued rescheduling could be creating doubt as to if it's actually going to happen. You could be waiting on finances or information to come in that allows you to get moving on a project. I feel you trying to keep your focus and remain patient. Your obstacles manifest as the 9 of Pentacles (Reversed) energy. You may become discontent in a connection and desire to be alone. You could desire to be near someone you don't have access to right now. Money delays could be creating anxiety and unnecessary stress. Try not to become pessimistic or impulsive in your problem solving. Patience is the key to progression, Sag. You end the week in The CHARIOT energy. There's finally a breakthrough in a situation that has been held up and creating stagnation in other areas of your life as well. You finally make up your mind on what direction you want to go in and you are moving on that decision. There could be travels that bring in excitement and happy times. Things are beginning to feel better, and you can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Love Energy: RECONCILIATION- (Someone from your past is returning to your life.):  Things have been uncomfortable lately, but there is still room to create peace. Communication and compromise are needed to reconcile a situation. Space and suppressing emotions have created distance and discomfort within a familial connection. There is still love in a situation where trust and honor has been lost. Work it out, a reconciliation is possible.

Spirit Animal Advice: COYOTE SPIRIT (46)- (Trust in divine detours.): Things may not always turn out in the ways we planned but simultaneously, things are always exactly as they are meant to be. There are no mistakes or mishaps in the divine plan. Trusting that when things are not working out for us in the ways that we are planning, or when something goes wrong, and it feels like there's no way to correct it; The Divine are still working, and all things are working out perfectly. You will end up exactly where you are meant to be, despite the detours and obstacles you may face.


2024, Sunday, April 14th - April 20th:

Hello Sagittarius, this week may be filled with conflict and frustration. The opposing opinions of multiple people may cause conflict. Friends or family drama may put strain on a romantic connection. The LOVERS (Reversed) energy starts the week. There's still so much love here, but there is conflict drowning out a connection. Trying to get an unbalanced connection back on track may be a focus starting the week. This may not be as easy as you initially thought. The 3 of Pentacles (Reversed) energy represents your obstacles this week. Working together and getting everyone all one accord could be difficult. Miscommunication and even arguments can spark disagreements and conflict. Money mismanagement in a group project will create conflict as one or more people aren't pulling their weight. You may choose to disconnect as the week comes to an end. The Knight of Swords (Reversed) energy ends the week. Miscommunication and even arguments may spark the need to stay away from people and really keep to yourself. Hard conversations may cause unwanted emotions to surface. It's time to face these hard truths and have the difficult conversations. There is a lot of healing and growth to come from them. It'll be worth it in the end.

Love Energy: RECONCILIATION- (Someone from your past is returning to your life.): This situation is coming around, but everyday isn't going to be easy. Somedays are more painful than others. If you are truly wanting to reconcile and bring this situation back together, you are going to have to face painful truths, secrets and suppressed emotions. As uncomfortable as this healing process is, it is necessary to fully heal this situation. Stay open and receptive to this reconciliation. You will get past this.

Spirit Animal Advice: SNAKE SPIRIT (55)- (Time to heal.): Reconciling this situation may not be as easy as spoils and make up sex. There is a painful past that must be revisited and reconciled. There are layers that need to be shed, but this process cannot be rushed or ignored, Sagittarius. If you are willing to do this work, this part cannot be avoided. Heal the past so you are able to close this chapter completely and fully move past this.


2024, Sunday, April 7th - April 13th:

Hello Sagittarius, this week you shift your focus from a disappointing past to a more optimistic future. With the 4 of Cups energy crowning your read, you are no longer crying over spilled milk. The opportunity to start anew after past disappointments has come and you are willing to put in the effort to make something work. The 8 of Pentacles energy starts the week. You have a lot of work to do, and you are focused and committed to putting in the work. Your workload may pick up at work and money may begin to stabilize if things have been tight recently. The 5 of Pentacles (Reversed) represents your obstacles this week. You are overcoming financial setbacks and disappointments within family connections. You may have felt alone and even unloved at times, and getting past a low and isolated energy can be a challenge for you this week. You are going to need to get motivated and find a muse to get inspired. Do things that fill you up and raise your vibration. You end the week in much higher spirits. With the 8 of Wands energy, you are busy and inspired. There may receive incoming communications that really get a situation moving in a positive direction. You may make travel plans and open and clear communications allow for a connection to finally move forward after a period of stagnation. Keep your spirits high and stay focused on your goals and continue putting in the work it takes to get there.

Love Energy: PASSION- (Allow your heart and soul to sing with joy.):  Do things that make you feel the most alive and inspired. Surround yourself with people and things that stimulate you and raise your vibrations. You may be in a space of feeling disappointed or unfulfilled. Passion and inspiration are what is needed for you to get your energy back and start enjoying your life more. Fill your time and space with the things you feel most passionate about.

Spirit Animal Advice: PANTHER SPIRIT (44)- (Reclaim your power.): You are feeling rejuvenated and inspired after a period of chaos and frustration. Standing in your power has given you the energy and confidence you've been missing recently. Keep this energy going, Sagittarius. Continue to reclaim your power from people and situations that drain you. You'll need this energy to reach your goals.


2024, Sunday, March 31st - April 6th:

Hello Sagittarius, the wait is almost over. The SUN energy crowns your read this week. You may receive the news or information you've been waiting on, which could be the cause for celebration or forward movement. You are beginning to see the fruits of your labor. You start the week off in the 3 of Wands energy. You may be waiting on the green light to get a new project off of the ground or start working on a new opportunity. You are busy with work, plans and preparations as new connections and opportunities move in closer. There may be a move or traveling in the near future. Your mind may be filled with options and possibilities of what's to come and what you are anticipating building. Your obstacles manifest as the Page of Wands (Reversed). Try not to think the worst regarding this situation. You may fear missing an opportunity or a situation falling through. You may question the intentions and validity of a new person or offer. Remain optimistic and try not to allow fear to create doubt. Stay busy and focused. By the end of the week the wait is over. The 7 of Pentacles (Reversed) energy says that what you've been waiting on is finally coming in. You may have to sacrifice one opportunity or investment to fully accept another. There may be a bad investment or possibly a shady business partner you may have to part ways with. This may come with a loss of investments, but trust, Sag this is for the better. Things are aligning perfectly. Get ready and leave the baggage behind.

Love Energy: LOVE YOURSELF FIRST- (Your self-respect makes you more romantically attractive.): You are an amazing person, Sagittarius. It's time for you to give that amazing love to yourself. Creating new boundaries, new habits, new hobbies, and new ways of expressing yourself will help you to nurture the love you have for yourself. Investing in a healthy and happy you will help to attract a healthy and more balanced partner and connection. The more you love on you, the more you'll start to notice other's love on you, too.

Spirit Animal Advice: BUTTERFLY SPIRIT (11)- (Transformation is beautiful.): Shedding can be both scary and beautiful. Leaving the comfort of the known is refreshing, exhilarating and rejuvenating, while the unknown leaves us vulnerable, uncomfortable and anxious. Even still, the process is inevitable, and the outcome is rebirth, growth and expansion. Trust this process, Sag. The cozy cocoon may be safe for now, but once you outgrow the cozy space, it'll do more damage than protection. Allow the old and outdated to fall away. There's still so much more to come.


2024, Sunday, March 24th - 30th:

Hello Sagittarius, this week miscommunications set the tone for a chaotic week. The Knight of Swords (Reversed) energy crowns your read this week. Unwanted or uncomfortable conversations are on the horizon bringing conflict and tension with them. You may have been waiting on information that hasn't come in yet. These delays could create anxiety and frustration. The week begins in the 8 of Swords energy. You may not be communicating with someone. There may be blocks in communication and overthinking could create unnecessary worry. You may feel stuck between a rock and a hard place, but this is only an illusion. You can free yourself of this whenever you so choose although the resolution may be uncomfortable as well. The obstacles manifest as the King of Cups. Being emotionally vulnerable may be a challenge this week. Trusting someone's emotional expression may be a difficult as you may question their integrity. You may want to offer affection to someone, although you may be actively holding yourself back. You end the week in a much more vulnerable space. The 7 of Wands (Reversed) energy tells us you are letting your guard down. You may have been very short in past conversations and are now open to deeper communicate and even reconciliation. You are less defensive and more open to hearing someone out. Compromise and resolution are sure to follow but the mending may be far from over, Sag.

Love Energy: UNREQUITED LOVE- (There's not enough attraction or chemistry to keep this relationship going.): There is a connection that has run its course. What was once loving, exciting and passionate has become infuriating, stressful and uncomfortable. The connection lacks reciprocity and on or both parties involved feel undervalued and unappreciated. Although the connection has been long standing, it lacks the necessary elements of love and respect needed to keep this love alive. Compromise, sacrifice and reciprocity are needed in order to save this connection.

Spirit Animal Advice: BUTTERFLY SPIRIT (11)- (Transformation is beautiful.): So much is shifting in your life, Sag. As chapters close, new doors begin to open up. The old versions of yourself that you must shed in order to become new, are falling away and you are a shining gem. This transformation will be healing and regenerative. Trust the process, Sagittarius. All of the shifts and endings are absolutely necessary, and this transformation is for the better.


2024, Sunday, March 17th - 23rd:

Hello Sagittarius, this week is a much-needed relief from the recent weeks. The SUN card crowns your reading. The recent illumination of hidden truths and deceptions might have served as a weight lifted off your shoulders. You feel vibrant and motivated to make change and move on past these chaotic experiences. The 8 of Wands energy starts your week. Progression and forward movement can be sparked through incoming communications. There could be travels this week or travel plans being made. Things are beginning to pick up. Your obstacles show up as the Knight of Wands energy. Inconsistency can create rifts in your plans. There may be a fellow fire sign that may behave immaturely or have mood swings that may create frustration or tension. Impulsive decisions may create future obstacles. Take your time Sag. Be thorough and stay grounded. Hold back the desire to celebrate right now. The HIGH PRIESTESS energy ends the week. You have confidence in your plan and the new direction you are shifting your life into. Moving in silence can be beneficial for you. Trusting the process and raising your vibration can help you continue moving forward in manifesting your truest desires.

Love Energy: EXPRESS YOUR LOVE- (Go ahead & make the romantic gesture.): Holding back has never created forward movement. The need to open up and express your emotions is high. The romance you are waiting on is on its way to you, Sag. Go for it. No holding back! Make the gesture, no matter how grand or how small, speak from the heart and be clear with your intentions. It can absolutely change the trajectory of your love life.

Spirit Animal Advice: SANDPIPER SPIRIT (21)- (Be playful.): Emotions have been high recently, Sag. In order to push through a rough and uncomfortable time, you need to do things that you enjoy. Finding time to laugh, feel good or relax can be just what the doctor ordered. Lighten your spirit, Sagittarius. Fill your idle time with hobbies and skills that occupy time and inspire creativity and/ or serenity. Abate your chaos and conflict with simple fun and playfulness.


2024, Sunday, March 10th- 16th:

Hello Sagittarius, this week starts off with clarity after chaos. The MOON card crowning this week's reading tells us truths have been revealed. There may have been secrets or truths exposed causing recent upsets within in a connection or work situation. Confrontations may have resulted in explosive endings. The 10 of Wands (Reversed) shows that a karmic situation is at an end. This ending is long overdue and comes with stress and a lack of reciprocity. The Knight of Cups (Reversed) representing the obstacles this week could mean you have a hard time reconciling a situation. A connection has run dry and there are no apologies being made or accepted. The TEMPERANCE (Reversed) ending the week shows that ego and emotions are still running high as no resolution can be made within a situation. Distance and perspective are needed before a compromise or resolution can be found. These endings are necessary for the new beginnings in stored for you, Sag. Take all the time you need.

Love Energy: SEPARATION- (Time apart from your person is on the horizon.) & PAY ATTENTION TO THE RED FLAGS- (The signs are cautioning you.): There are red flags you can no longer ignore. As emotions boil over and passions rise, you may find that you need time or space away from someone, or someone will communicate they need space from you. You have known this point within a connection was coming for some time, and there's no turning back. It feels as if there's no mending to be made. Space is needed now as trust is lost and patience runs thin. A situation may turn violent if there is one or more people are involved an altercation, and no one backs down. Know when to walk away, Sagittarius.

Spirit Animal Advice: VULTURE SPIRIT (63)- (Nothing is wasted.): When unexpected endings occur, it's natural for us to question ourselves in the situations. It's easy to feel like you've wasted time, energy and even resources building with the wrong team. Understand that everything happens for a reason and that no elements were wasted during any phase of your life. All things ending are necessary and all resources utilized were as necessary as the ending. Nothing is wasted, it was all a vital part of your life's plan.


2024, Sunday, March 3rd - 9th:

Hello Sagittarius, this week will be a time of forward movement and new beginnings. With the Ace of Cups crowning your reading, you are walking into a time of new fulfillment. There could be news of a pregnancy or the birth of a child. An opportunity at true love or a new sense of purpose is on the horizon, Sagittarius, but it requires you to finally walk away from something that has been less fulfilling. With the energy of the 8 of Cups starting off your week, you finally walk away from an emotional situation that has caused more stress and confusion than peace. Recognizing that there is nothing to salvage here, you are choosing you and leaving this empty, loveless, and at times manipulative connection, to go after what your heart has truly been longing for. You are more focused and driven as the energy to overcome is represented by the 8 of Pentacles. Really working hard and staying self-motivated will be the key to truly grasping all you feel you deserve and desire. Go for it, Sagittarius! You've sacrificed enough of your happiness for contentment. The HANGED MAN (Reversed) shows that you are no longer holding yourself back, Sag. You will be out and on the scene as this week ends. There's a sense of true freedom and liberation as you take charge of your life and its future. Beautiful and fulfilling days are ahead.

Love Energy: CHEMISTRY- (There's A Strong Magnetic Attraction Here.): There may be a strong attraction that you have to someone. With the energy of Chemistry, you yourself my feel more attractive as you put yourself back out into the dating world. Many people will want your attention, and there could be one person in particular that shares your magnetism. Explore new connections and find others to share time and interests with. There could be something brewing in love for you Sagittarius, especially for the one you can't keep your mind off of. They are thinking of you, too.

Spirit Animal Advice: EAGLE SPIRIT (32)- (Spirit has your back.): There are big changes happening around you, Sagittarius. This can be unnerving as you leave all you know to explore the unknown in hopes of something better. Let's pray the grass is the greenest on the other side. Trust that you are being divinely guided and Spirit has orchestrated your steps out of the old and unsatisfying and into your new. The eye of the Eagle is upon you, Sag. You have nothing to fear and everything to gain when Spirit has your back. Comfort is not guaranteed through these transitions, but the arrival to your new, divine path is assured.

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