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Updated: Apr 24


2024, Sunday, April 21st - April 27th:

Hello Capricorn, you are very attractive this week. With the 9 of Pentacles energy crowning your read this week, you may find yourself catching the eyes of many while you are out. Your finances are stabilizing, and you are finally feeling better. You may receive good news around finances or a career opportunity that releases stress and creates optimism about your future stability. The 5 of Cups energy starts your week. You are getting over past losses and finally starting to gain optimism of what's to come in the future. You may have had to separate from someone and as difficult as this ending is, you know that it is necessary for you to move forward and into something more harmonious and balanced. Confronting or expressing your feelings may be difficult and could create emotional unavailability. Your obstacles this week manifest as the Queen of Cups energy. Someone may be expressing emotions you do not share or are afraid to accept. You may be reluctant to show emotional vulnerability, which may become a blockage in a connection moving forward. You may choose to shut out emotional connections and focus more on having fun and building your finances. You end the week in the King of Pentacles energy. You are grounded and focused. Your finances are in a stable position and your mind is clear. You feel supported by the people around you, and you celebrate your accomplishments with people that share your enthusiasm. Things are shifting for the better, Capricorn. Try not to focus on what was lost and stay focused on the goal. Some things simply can't come with you into your winning season, but you deserve to get there, regardless.

Love Energy: YOU DESERVE LOVE- (You are lovable.):  Your love and loyalty are hard to find. You deserve a love that matches the energy you give. Take your time and be patient in the pursuit, you can't give this love to just anybody. Continue to love on yourself in the best ways, and as people present their offers, make sure they are able to love on you in the same ways and be open to receiving that love. You deserve the amazing love you give, Capricorn.

Spirit Animal Advice: SKUNK SPIRIT (54)- (Know your worth.): In this new season, you are going to have to enforce boundaries and hold others accountable when they've mishandled you. Making people value your time and presence requires giving your time to the people show you they value you. Make the necessary changes in your immediate environment so you feel valuable and valued your circle. Know your worth and make sure it is recognized by the people around you.


2024, Sunday, April 14th - April 20th:

Hello Capricorn, you begin to backtrack this week. You may second guess decisions you've made or reconsider an offer after your initial response. Try not to go back and forth in your head. This retrograde is creating confusion and it will take clear and open communication to break through barriers. You start the week in The MOON energy. Suppressed feelings, emotions and fears may come to the surface. You may find out secrets and hidden truths regarding past connections that may spark unwanted emotions and frustration. The time has come for you to communicate your emotions and finally get closure in a situation. The JUDGEMENT (Reversed) represents your obstacles this week. Revisiting the past may stir inner and outer conflict. A person may want to reconcile and pick up where you left off, but you are guarded towards this person. Try not to focus too much on the past, Capricorn. You have the opportunity to leave a situation in the past or reconcile and work to have a better future. You end the week working towards what makes you happy and the most fulfilled. Your goals become your focus and you feel inspired to nurture your home, family and connections. There may be an incoming offer that allows for a financial breakthrough and a connection may reach commitment. Your spirits are high, and you are manifesting quickly. Stay focused on what you want and try not to think too much in the past.

Love Energy: YOU DESERVE LOVE- (You are lovable.):  Your loyalty and dedication to your partner and your family are unmatched. The love you give is nurturing and regenerative and you deserve and amazing love in return. Romance may be a scary concept at the moment, given all you are pushing past. Still, remain open to the love you give because someone may be coming in soon to match that energy, finally. For some of you, it took for you to get rid of who couldn't give you what you deserve in order for the love you deserve to finally have room to come in.

Spirit Animal Advice: RHINO SPIRIT (50)- (Overcome any obstacle.): You have to believe in your ability to get through anything you go through. Mercury retrograde is notorious for creating obstacles in multiple areas of one's life, and unfortunately that's the time you are currently in. But don't believe the lies of this retrograde, these are minor setbacks to a major comeback. Continue to persevere and remain resilient, Capricorn. You can conquer and overcome anything meant to hold you back or block your path. Keep pushing forward.


2024, Sunday, April 7th - April 13th:

Hello Capricorn, things are finally balancing out for you. The JUSTICE energy crowns your read this week. A legal situation may be working out in your favor. Issues of the past are finding resolution, and you are finally catching up on your finances. You start the week in the 9 of Pentacles (Reversed) energy. Money may not look the best, although you may have more resources than you utilize. You may feel you are most productive when you are single and alone or that relationships and even friendships are energetically or financially draining. You could be waiting on delayed finances that will put you in a much better place, where you can relax and get ahead of your expenses. Your obstacles this week manifest as The HANGED MAN (Reversed) energy. You may have distanced yourself from multiple people recently. Holding back may bring you peace while you are struggling but may also prolong your suffering if you hold back from those willing to help you. You may be fighting emotions to stay away from someone you are being pulled to. You need to be honest with yourself and make up your mind on how you feel about this person or situation and if you feel it's worth rebuilding. The CHARIOT energy ending the week lets us know your mind is made. You are making moves again. You may get a new car or repairs to a car you already have. You are trusting the process and going for what you feel makes you the most happy and productive. This new direction and your confidence you have in choosing it is the fuel needed to manifest this successfully. Don't stop, Capricorn. It's closer than you think.

Love Energy: WORTH WAITING FOR- (Divine timing is at work in your live life.):  Try not to shut your heart off to love, just yet Capricorn. Love may not have manifested in the ways you've desired yet, but trust it is on the way. The Universe is working behind the scenes to bring in the love you deserve and desire and all that is required of you right now is patience and self-love. Love on yourself in the best ways while Spirit aligns you with the love you have been waiting for. Don't give up, this love will be worth the wait.

Spirit Animal Advice: EAGLE SPIRIT (23)- (Spirit has your back.): The confidence you have in your ability to make your dreams come true is admired and supported by The Divine. Spirit is assisting you in all of your endeavors. In the time that things feel unclear or impossible, trust in the infinite capabilities of Spirit and know that a way will be made if no way is present. The Divine has your back and are working to bring these dreams to life.


2024, Sunday, March 31st - April 6th:

Hello Capricorn, communication is the theme for the week. With the Knight of Swords energy crowning your reading, you may be expecting communications. Important emails and phone calls may be had this week. Much needed conversations may also take place where miscommunication may have created conflict. The HEIROPHANT (Reversed) energy starts your week. You may be losing faith in a situation. Broken promises or commitments could create stress in a situation. Someone may be pushing for something more within a connection, while the another may have a fear of commitment. Fears or pride may cloud someone's judgement. The WORLD (Reversed) energy shows that there may be closure needed in a situation. You may feel a situation is nearing an end, but you could have some resistance. Someone may want to resolve a situation, rather than end it. There may be more to a situation, but a toxic cycle has to end in order for a new, more balanced cycle to begin. You end the week in the Knight of Cups energy. You may receive apologies or even praise after a conflict is resolved. There could be reconciliations and even offers of love and appreciation. A connection that has been troubled may finally reach a breakthrough. Things aren't always as they seem, Capricorn. Be open and receptive, this isn't over just yet.

Love Energy: HEART TO HEART CONVERSATIONS- (Honestly discuss your feelings with each other.): You've been avoiding this conversation, Capricorn. Trying to stand firm on your boundaries or an ending you initiated, you've avoided someone or are distancing yourself. As painful as this has been, this conversation is necessary, thus inevitable for forward movement. You have things on your heart you need to express, as does this person. Have the difficult conversation. Be open, honest and RECEPTIVE. More than trying to be heard, try to find resolution. Listen to each other and honor each other's feelings and intentions.

Spirit Animal Advice: WHITE RAVEN SPIRIT (66)- (Trust in the magic.): There are so many things happening behind the scenes for you, Capricorn. You have to open up and trust in The Divine. Also trust in your ability to manifest the things you desire in this world. You must have an unmovable faith in The Divine and in yourself. All things are working out in your favor. Trust it and create with The Creator.


2024, Sunday, March 24th - 30th:

Hello Capricorn, this will be a week of transformation. With The DEATH energy crowning your read, there's an ending that has recently occurred. This ending has inspired changed behavior and a little anxiety. The 6 of Pentacles energy starts your week. Debts may be paid off and you might be on the receiving end of a gift or finances. An unstable situation reaches balance and reciprocity. This may have been an issue in the recent past. Your obstacles manifest as the 6 of Wands (Reversed). You may fear this turn around is temporary and may hold back in a situation. There's is a fear around making a decision or contemplation on what's the best option to take. There is no wrong decision. You may be fearing the outcome of a situation. Try not to overthink, Capricorn. You end the week coming out of disappointment and in much more optimism. With the 4 of Cups energy ending the week, you are no longer dwelling on the past, and are now looking forward to all that is to come. Incoming communication at the end of the week may give hope in a stressful situation. A new opportunity may arise after a period of stagnation or lack. This transformative energy starts with a shift in perspective, Capricorn. Be confident in your ability to manifest what you desire. That requires you to release your fears of the unknown. You are more capable than you know.

Love Energy: ROMANTIC FEELINGS- (Your feelings are real and worth exploring.): At times it seems safest to hide our truest feelings. Some hide them due to a fear of rejection while others hide them from a fear or being betrayed again. No matter the reason, a hidden emotion is not an expressed one. In order to attain what you truly desire you must be honest and vulnerable, at least with yourself. What you feel in this connection is real, and although a scary past may create the need to protect those feelings, it would be best to explore them. Feel, freely and don't be afraid of what's to follow. Any loss will be a lesson and all else could be your biggest blessing.

Spirit Animal Advice: BADGER SPIRIT (4)- (Be fearless and bold.): There is a new level of life waiting for you, Capricorn. You can't continue to second guess your capabilities. You are going to have to be confident and fearless in this next season. Your victory is assured but you must remain fearless and bold. Confront opposition, remain resilient and overcome all setbacks. You are ready, Capricorn, turn every loss into a win.


2024, Sunday, March 17th- 23rd:

Hello Capricorn, we start this week in the energy of waiting. The 3 of Wands crowns your week's energy representing your planning & preparations for future opportunities. The need for patience invites in intrusive thoughts, as the works or connections you have invested in bare little fruit at a time where you may need them. A situation may seem one sided, as you continue to invest, while others aren't matching your input. There could debt or overspending that causes anxiety. Your obstacles manifest as the Knight of Wands. You may find yourself drained or lacking the drive to complete a particular task. The inconsistency of others may discourage you to continue working with them. There may be someone that is used to coming in and out of your life. This intrusive energy may cause upset, as they are demanding energy and are unable to offer the support you may need at the moment. The week ends with patience, healing, resolution and an offer that brings in emotions and joy. There could be genuine apologies and offers to reconcile or rebuild. Confronting issues with a level head over aggression can prove to be the most effective in conflict resolution. Communication, boundaries, distance and the proper preparations can rectify this situation. Keep your head, Capricorn. All that you are waiting on and all that is due to you is on its way. Stay grounded and focused on what's to come.

Love Energy: UNREQUITED LOVE- (There's not enough chemistry or attraction to keep this relationship going.): You may have found yourself over giving to a connection in the past. Recent days you may have retracted your energy and now your partner is feeling the pull back. This back and forth is doing more damage than repairing in your connection. Equal give & take is required to keep this bond alive. The chemistry is be drowned with suspicion and the connection is being threatened with trust issues and irritability. There is love here but will the love be enough to save this connection? Reciprocity and a willingness must be present as well.

Spirit Animal Advice: ARMADILLO SPIRIT (3)- (Set healthy boundaries.): You've been working hard to stand firm on your personal value and self-worth. Protecting this newfound value requires protecting yourself from others that may not appreciate or value you to your fullest potential. Boundaries are needed now, Capricorn, in order to preserve your time, energy and value. Setting and enforcing these healthy boundaries are the key to protecting your energy, letting others know what you are and are not willing to accept from them, and creating long lasting connections. Over giving and unappreciation can be minimized once effective boundaries are formed.


2024, Sunday, March 10th- 16th:

Hello Capricorn, this week starts off in much higher vibrations. The EMPRESS energy crowning your reading shows this week being very productive and fulfilling. The Knight of Cups starting the week shows there could be offers of love or even apologies finding their way to your mailbox. There could be one apology you may question the integrity of, but rest assured, Capricorn, they are sincere. The JUGDEMENT energy representing the obstacles this week, you may have a hard time accepting someone from your past back into your life. Setting new boundaries and vulnerable communication could help to mend bonds and salvage meaningful connections. The week ends with the Ace of Cups energy. A sense of newness and fulfillment fill you as a new connection is forming. A new opportunity presents itself that creates feelings of joy that are long overdue.

Love Energy: ROMANTIC FEELINGS- (Your feelings are real and worth exploring.): There could be a new connection that catches you off guard. You may have doubts and fears that stem from the past, but you cannot ignore how you feel. Let down your guard but hold on to the lessons those past loves have taught you. Explore your feelings and the connections and opportunities that generate these feelings. You deserve it, Capricorn.

Spirit Animal Advice: ELEPHANTY SPIRIT (25)- (Learn from the past.): You have overcome so much, Capricorn. Don't let your past influence any piece of your future. Apply the lessons of past disappointments and be bold enough to go after everything you want, knowing you are more prepared than ever to have and keep everything you desire. You don't owe your past anything, Capricorn. You've already overcome it all. The only time you need to look back is to reflect on a lesson learned. You're on the right track, Capricorn, use what you've learned to take you further than ever.


2024, Sunday, March 3rd - 9th:

Hello, Capricorn, this week you will need to stay grounded and focused. With the 9 of Wands crowning your reading, you may feel very defensive or even overprotective about your energy and possessions this week. There's a need to safeguard your space & your energy and stand firm on boundaries you've set recently. With the Queen of Swords representing your energy starting the week off, we can see that in the recent past you've had to set boundaries necessary for your own independence and personal power. Standing firm on what you believe and what you feel you deserve are high priority for you right now, Capricorn. With the 9 of Swords as the obstacles to overcome this week, staying out of your head is going to be a task. Try not to stress this week, Capricorn, as things are not as bad as they seem. Indecision and chaos are looming from external energies, Capricorn, do not mistaken them for your own. Ground yourself in your knowing that all is well and that you have and will always have all that you need. Try not to be swayed by others' opinions or influence & stand firm on what you know to be true and what you believe. With the Knight of Wands ending this week, your energy will be increasing as new opportunities rush in. Do your best to fact check all opportunities and beware of fast talkers and opportunists. Your energy and faith will be restored, stay grounded Capricorn.

Love Energy: UNREQUITED LOVE- (There's not enough chemistry or attraction to keep this relationship going.): Despite your efforts, Capricorn it seems that a love connection has run its course. One person continues to give more to the connection than the other, which is draining. This has now strained a once passionate connection. Although there is a lot of affection shared within the connection, until the energy exchange is mutual, you may have a hard time opening up and giving more to the connection. A resolution has not yet been reached and without reciprocity, this connection runs the risk of fading. Recognize if you are the giver or the receiver in the connection, then at ask yourself if this connection is something that you want to continue to give to as it is today, and then ask yourself is it worth investing more in to change it for the better.

Animal Advice: COYOTE SPIRIT (16)- (Trust in Divine Detours.): As stress and overwhelm begin to plague your mind Capricorn, you must remember that all of this is a part of a very intricate divine plan. When things began to go in a way that is out of your plans, you must still always trust in the divine plan. Even when things don't seem like they are working out for you, Spirit may be simply rerouting you to the same destination you desire. Trust that there is more than one way to do and reach any and everything and know that if it isn't working out one way, that it will always work out in another.

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