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Updated: Apr 22


2024, Sunday, April 21st - April 27th:

Hello Aquarius, this week you are getting away from the drama. The 5 of Wands energy crowns your week. There could be a lot of conflict in your environment, Aquarius. Many people may have opposing opinions and there could be a conflict of interest between family and friend dynamics. You could have inner conflict on how to proceed forward in a situation where choosing what you truly desire may upset those close to you or involved in the situation. You start the week in The CHARIOT (Reversed) energy. Indecision may be causing hesitation. The need to make up your mind isn't allowing you to start moving forward in any direction. There could be travel delays or delays in resources coming in to you that create anxiety. Your obstacles this week manifest as the 2 of Cups (Reversed). There could be a love connection that isn't in the best place. There could be emotional distance as a once fiery connection begins to fizzle out. You may have to distance yourself from someone you have a strong emotional connection with. There's a head over heart decision that must be made when it comes to cutting ties with some people. You end the week in the 10 of Cups (Reversed) energy. There's a bittersweet ending where you have to make a sacrifice to get through the worst of a situation. All is well, despite the losses you took to get to where you are. You may be longing for someone you wanted to be a part of your life. You still reach your goals, but maybe not with the person you had in mind. Don't be disappointed, Aquarius. It will all have been well worth it in the end.

Love Energy: RETREAT- (It's time to disconnect from the world.):  After a whirlwind of emotions, you may want to unplug from the world and step away. Taking some time alone to recharge and gather your thought and energy could work wonders for you. You may choose to turn off your phone or distance yourself from some people. Take all the time you need but use it wisely. Get grounded and clear your head so you can be sure of what it is you want before moving forward with it.

Spirit Animal Advice: FROG SPIRIT (28)- (Clear out the clutter.): Your mind and heart are filled with so many memories and emotions, it's hard for you to sort out the facts from thoughts from feelings. It's time to clear your mind and your heart. Release any people or situations that could be taking up heart space or creating confusion. Get clear and focused on what you want and make space for those things to come in for you by removing everything you don't want to deal with moving forward.


2024, Sunday, April 14h - April 20th:

Hello Aquarius, there's an emotional pull this week. Memories of past accomplishments and nostalgia may make the reality of the present that much more painful. The 3 of Cups (Reversed) crowns your read this week. You may be disappointed in the outcome of a situation as something you expected to be celebratory and successful has become draining and chaotic. You start the week in the 5 of Pentacles (Reversed) energy. You may be recovering from a financial setback. Getting over the worst of a situation is the focus, as you try to remain optimistic and come from out of your shell. There may have been recent disconnects within family or friend connections that are you are finally opening up to reconciling with. Someone that was once feeling outcast or ignored is communicating their feeling or situation after being away. Your obstacles manifest as the 6 of Swords (Reversed) energy. There may be travel delays that create setbacks in the progression of a project or career opportunity. Someone may need to move or relocate but may not have the means or finances to do so. Fears around a situation improving and moving into a more stable and balanced placed may create anxiety and overthinking. You don't allow the overthinking to consume though, Aquarius. You end the week in the King of Swords energy. You are confident and clear headed about the path ahead. A conversation provides clarity and the opportunity to clear the air in a connection. This may allow for plans and expectations to be clearly communicated. Now all that is needed is action behind the plans. You are confident things are going to manifest and your confidence and optimism followed by proper actions are exactly what's going to bring it in for you.

Love Energy: FORGIVING AND LEARNING- (As you release and heal the past, you experience more love in your present.):  As painful as revisiting your past can be, its sometimes necessary in order to learn from it so we don't continue to make the same mistakes and inflict or endure that same pain we a running from in our past. The comfort of the past is not enough to reconcile it or heal you from it. Take the lessons and remain open to creating a better outcome, should a similar opportunity arise in the future. Use this time to heal, Aquarius. Reflect, repair, resolve and release the past and be more open, receptive and intentional to the love you pursue in the future.

Spirit Animal Advice: EAGLE SPIRIT (25)- (Spirit. has your back): Spirit is guiding you towards what is best for you. There may be karmic cycles that are wrapping up and those may have come with a karmic debt being cleared, but trust Aquarius, it's much better to start fresh with a clean slate. Spirit sees you and is trying to get your attention. Release all of your fears and vices and trust in The Divine. They are working to pull you out of the rubble of your past and into a fertile foundation can house your future. Release everything you are holding on to that isn't Spirit and trust that you are now being divinely guided.


2024, Sunday, April 7th - April 13th:

Hello Aquarius, there's an ending that you are revisiting this week. The 10 of Wands energy crowns your read. A Karmic cycle has come to an end, but the memories and even possible regrets linger. There could have been recent betrayals that solidified and ending. You start the week in the 6 of Cups (Reversed) energy. A connection has been broken and as much as someone has tried to restore balance, the connection is unrequited. A family dynamic involving children has ended and with disappointments you have to allow something to be what it is. Your obstacles manifest as The LOVERS energy. You may have a hard time opening up to a new and intense connection. There could be fears around a partner and if this partner shares your feelings. Try not to succumb to fear, Aquarius. Stay open and receptive to this connection, old or new, as the interest and affection is mutual. You end the week in The FOOL energy. You finally get out of your head and put action behind the thoughts you've been contemplating. You may open up and take a chance on a love connection or start a new career path. The experience you are here to gain is much more important than the experience you already have. Release your reserves that stem from past trauma and open up to a new season where you learn from the past and create a better tomorrow.

Love Energy: RECONCILIATION- (Someone from your past is returning to your life.):  With all of the things shifting around you, past emotions and even suppressed memories may rise to the surface. You may be in a whirlwind of emotions and possibly regret. There may be conversations you feel you need to have as well as a lingering need to make amends with someone. Old friends may come around and past discrepancies are resolved. The opportunity to reconcile many connections are presenting themselves. They require vulnerability and receptivity, so be open and put your ego and pride aside. Save the connections that matter to you, Aquarius.

Spirit Animal Advice: CROW SPIRIT (17)- (Co-create with Spirit.): Things may seem difficult at the moment, but sometimes WE are the resistance to the changes in our lives. You know what it is that you desire, and The Divine knows the path to achieving it. You have to work with the Creator to make your journey easier. Follow your divine guidance, look for signs and trust your intuition. You may need to turn inward and reconnect with yourself and Spirit. Reflect on what you want and reflect on if The Divine has been guiding you to or away from that objective. Work with the Most High to guide you where you are supposed to be. It may be greater than any place you could desire to be.


2024, Sunday, March 31st - April 6th:

Hello Aquarius, things are not quite over, are they. The 10 of Swords (Reversed) crowns your read this week, indicating a painful situation that has not fully come to an end. A connection may be dragging on with discomfort and tension, but with the energy being reversed, one or both of you have not let go completely. If this is a business venture or job opportunity, you haven't fully given up, even if there was disappointment associated with a missed opportunity. You are focused on problem solving rather than crying over spilled milk. You start the week in The Temperance energy. Resolution and reconciliation set the tone, as you are adamant to recover all that was lost or mend a broken connection. The 5 of Cups (Reversed) energy represents your obstacles this week. You are trying to get past the disappointment of a loss. Looking on the bright side is the task, and you are up for it. You may confront the person and look to rectify a situation, or someone may look to reconcile with you. You end the week optimistic but hesitant to act on your impulses. Someone may be reluctant to give you a second chance and may need persuasion. You may want to make a big gesture or start something that may require an investment or risk. Make sure you have the green light, and then proceed, Aquarius. This may require truth, transparency and compromise.

Love Energy: RECONCILIATION- (Someone from your past is returning to your life.): Trying to reconcile a connection can be difficult. It requires a level of vulnerability and transparency that you tend to avoid, Aquarius. If you want to bring this situation back around to are going to have to meet the problem head on. Omission and avoidance will only create more distance and conflict. Have the honest conversation that needs to be had and open your energy to reconcile. Release the need to control the outcome this situation. If it's meant to come back together, it will.

Spirit Animal Advice: RHINO SPIRIT (50)- (Overcome any obstacle.): Minor setback to a major comeback, Aquarius. You know that no matter what you go through, you will be victorious because you have the spirit of a winner. You have to believe in yourself with an unmovable faith right now. Things are shifting for the better and this restart will catapult you into the best season of your life. Trust yourself and your ability to manifest your dreams into reality. These obstacles are to be overcome and the battles are to be conquered. Believe in yourself, you got this, Aquarius.


2024, Sunday, March 24th - 30th:

Hello Aquarius, you may find that a situation is struggling to find resolution. The 2 of Pentacles (Reversed) crowns your reading this week. Financial strain may make it hard to find a solution to a problem. You may be contemplating a difficult decision regarding work or stability. The week starts in the 7 of Wands energy. You may find yourself defensive or needing to defend your energy from others' opinions. You may need to protect your energy and ideas from competition and opposition. You may choose to stay away from family and friends this week. Your obstacles manifest as the 4 of Swords (Reversed) energy. You may feel the need to take a break from your daily responsibilities. There is a need to review a situation that is draining your energy. You and a person may be on a break, and it may be hard to stay away from this person. You may want to come towards them and reconcile. The JUSTICE energy ends the week. Balance and resolution close this week. Legalities are resolved and may go in your favor. Someone may want to make things right within a connection and what's done in the dark comes to the light. Things have a way of working themselves out, Aquarius. Trust yourself and this process. Ground yourself and get ready to get to work.

Love Energy: HEART TO HEART CONVERSATIONS- (Honestly discuss your feelings with each other.): The time has come to communicate honestly. There's a need to be vulnerable within a connection and communicate painful truths. You may be unsure of the outcome of this conversation, but you're hoping for the best and preparing for the worst. You've been contemplating a resolution to a difficult situation. Communiation and compromise could reconcile a situation even if an ending has to occur.

Spirit Animal Advice: BUFFALO SPIRIT (10)- (The abundant universe will provide.): You don't have to worry about where the resources you need are going to come from, Aquarius. The Universe sees your hard work and is working behind the scenes to make sure you have everything you need in order to take care of yourself and your responsibilities. Any loss was never a part of your success. The Universe is abundant and always working to provide all you need. Trust this process and know that all will be well in the end.


2024, Sunday, March 17th- 23rd:

Hello Aquarius, this week calls for you to get out of your head. With the 7 of Swords crowning your reading this week, you may be skeptical in a particular a situation. You may be overthinking or suspecting someone is moving against you. Protecting your energy and your possessions may be high priority this week. The 2 of Pentacles energy starts your week. Heavy contemplation and weighing out your options may be the theme around multiple areas of your life. You may be working to stabilize a financial situation that has been rocky recently. You may also be back and forth in your head on what to do to resolve an uncomfortable situation. The HEIROPHANT (Reversed) comes up as your obstacles this week. Lack of commitment or internal growth in a situation could pose as an obstacle. Contracts and agreements may fall through. Too much indecision could cause analysis paralysis and a lack of forward movement. Broken promises or someone's inability to commit could result in the loss of trust and foundation within a connection. As the week comes to an end, you may find yourself consumed with remorse or regret. A situation may find no resolve forcing you to have to walk away from it, no matter how much it pains you. The 5 of Cups energy tells you that crying over spilled milk won't create resolution. There are still 2 cups on the other side of this situation that are full and waiting on you. Those 2 remaining cups could also represent a 2 of Cups, representing a true love that is still waiting for you, even if one romantic situation has come to an end.

Love Energy: TRUST- (This situation requires you to have faith.): There are so many things shifting in your life, it's easy to become afraid of the unknown. Your faith is absolutely vital in maintaining your vibration. Love is trying to manifest for you, and you are going to have to remain faithful. Trust this process Aquarius. There is so much to gain from the discomfort you are experiencing. Love, stability and comfort are the outcome.

Spirit Animal Advice: SNAKE SPIRIT (55)- (Time to heal.): The interesting energy of the snake spirit is that as it sheds its old, flaky skin, and undergoes a full transformation. There is now a shiny, new fresh layer of skin that emerges after the discomfort of the malting process is endured. You are currently undergoing that same process, Aquarius. There is a painful and uncomfortable shedding process but ultimately it is to rebirth a beautiful shiny new version of you. Allow this process to happen with as little resistance as possible. It will benefit you in the end. Comfort is a luxury, but this transformation is a necessity.


2024, Sunday, March 10th- 16th:

Hello Aquarius, this week speaks of resolution and compromise. With The WORLD (Reversed) crowning your reading, someone may be avoiding an ending. A situation may have come to a breaking point, but it feels like the ending still isn't final, although the 2 of Swords energy starting the week could mean there could be little to no communication within a connection or situation. You may be holding back from communicating with someone or someone may be refusing to speak to you. Speaking your truth and your peace may be the key to resolution in a situation. Try not to be consumed with emotions and communicate clearly. That includes listening. The TEMPERANCE energy representing the obstacles this week could mean there's a desire to resolve a situation without it having to come to an end. Compromise requires both parties. Collaboration, compromise and problem-solving end the week with the 3 of Pentacles. High stress and tension can be resolved if egos and pride are cast aside. It's worth putting in the effort. A resolution is assured.

Love Energy: TRUST- (This situation requires you to have faith.): Don't give up just yet, Aquarius. There is still so much to salvage here. Remain optimistic and trust that the best possible outcome is assured. Even in the roughest of times, love and understanding will always win. Stay faithful and act on that faith, Aquarius.

Spirit Animal Advice: ANT SPIRIT (1)- (Time to collaborate.): There's a need to not be unmoving in collaborative projects. Merge your vision with others to create something greater. Don't be stubborn or difficult, Aquarius. Some situations require compromise and compassion. Emotions may get in the way of the message being delivered. Find a way to work together to solve problems and reconcile.


2024, Sunday, March 3rd - 9th:

Hello Aquarius, this week starts off with a shift in perspective. With the 8 of Swords crowning your reading, you may have been feeling stuck in the previous weeks and have now taken the initiative and do something about it. Past rejections could have made you apprehensive to put yourself out there, but with the FOOL starting the week, you are going for it! You are releasing doubts and fears and trusting that Spirit will guide you into your greatness. The 10 of Pentacles (Reversed) as an obstacle could indicate you not having all the tools and resources you feel you need to accomplish your goals. Continue to stay faithful, Aquarius, Spirit is with you. You have more resources than you know, you may have to look farther afield to find them. That could require you to step out of your comfort zone in order to access them. The week ends with necessary endings. As karmic cycles are wrapping up, the 10 of Swords paired with the JUDGEMENT (Reversed) indicates closing out a Karmic cycle that has had repeated cycles of betrayal, deception, regret and pain in the past. There could be a relationship that is finally severed and its best to leave it that way, Aquarius. Communication blocks and fears around integrity and honesty are putting strain on a connection. It is time to communicate your feelings and put a painful situation to rest once and for all.

Love Energy: HEART TO HEART CONVERSATIONS- (Honestly discuss your feelings with each other.): There seems to be a lack of communication when it comes to emotions, Aquarius. As other obligations demand your attention, Love is put on the back burner. This week, communicating your truest emotions will be key to salvaging or severing a connection in love. A connection feels strained as you both struggle to be vulnerable with one another. It is time to vocalize your concerns, your needs and your boundaries. Make sure when you are communicating YOUR feelings, you take the time to listen, as your partner expresses theirs as well. Healthy communication requires effective listening. Aquarius. Don't talk to be heard, communicate so you both may reach a resolution.

Spirit Animal Advice: MOTH SPIRIT (39)- (Surrender now.): As you take on new opportunities, you must find the strength to release all that you no longer need to bring with you. That may include people, places and even habits that may have been a comfort for you thus far. There are necessary endings at play in order for you to move into your new. In the past, you have found ways to bring these things along with you or revert back to them when things feel uncomfortable, no matter how controversial or toxic they have become over time. It is time to finally surrender to the things you are holding on to that you no longer need, as it is hindering you from moving into your new beginnings. Surrender and trust that Spirit has so much more to come for you.

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