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Updated: Apr 16


2024, Sunday, April 14th - April 20th:

Hello Gemini, you're finding balance this week. The 6 of Pentacles crowns your read. There could be debts paid and money or resources you've been waiting on may finally arrive. You may be releasing your need to control a situation which is clearing out a karmic cycle for good and bringing in balance and grounding for you, Gemini. You start the week in the 4 of Wands energy. You may be relocating or looking to find a new home. You could be building or rebuilding a connection or a failed project. You are inspired and filled with creativity and energy. There could be a new love connection that is building off passion and communication. You are trying not to manifest the worst possible outcome from overthinking. Your obstacles manifest as the 10 of Wands. Recent endings may trigger you emotionally. Try not to allow fears of repeating the past to stop you from enjoying new opportunities and connections. Things are beginning to feel better, try not to anticipate more chaos. The endings are behind you and new beginnings are ahead of you. You end the week in The STRENGTH energy. You allow your mind to rest, and you are patient for your manifestations to come in. You need to be confident and open to these new experiences. Your patience and grace in past situations will pay off and they have rewards and even gifts to come from it.

Love Energy: FORGIVING AND LEARNING (As you release and heal the past, you experience more love in your present moment.):  As karmic cycles wrap up all around you, you are realizing why some things had to happen. There are past situations that may still trigger unwanted emotions. It's time to accept the lessons within these past severances and accept all of what is regardless of what you want it to be. Releasing guilt and resentment can help free up heart space, which will allow for closure, so you can move forward into new opportunities and connections. Revisit, reconcile and release the past and the resentment of the past and open your energy up to new and better experiences in the future.

Spirit Animal Advice: COYOTE SPIRIT (16)- (Trust in divine detours.): Things may not always manifest in the ways that we expected or desired, but that doesn't mean you are not still on the path to getting exactly where we were meant to be. You could be in one of these situations right now, and you are going to have to trust the process 100%. The Divine has a way of not only showing us what's blocking our path but also showing us how we have influenced our own short comings before setting us straight. Trust in the plans of The Divine. You are still on your highest path, even if it isn't the clearest or easiest path at the moment.


2024, Sunday, April 7th - April 13th:

Hello Gemini, you're not holding back anymore. The HANGED MAN (Reversed) energy crowns the read this week. You had to remove yourself from a connection or situation, in order gain some perspective as to what you should do next. After much contemplation, you are ready to start making moves on the decisions you've made. You start the week in the 7 of Pentacles (Reversed) energy. You may have to give up on a project or investment that is taking up more resources than it's paying out at the moment. You've been waiting on finances or resources in order to take advantage of a new opportunity. You may have to look for alternative resources or methods in case something you've been waiting on doesn't show up in time. Your obstacles manifest as the Knight of Wands. Trusting the words of others could be difficult for some and impossible for others. Someone that has been in and out of your life may resurface, bringing mixed emotions with them. Try to keep your focus and not be easily distracted this week, Gemini. You end the week in the 10 of Swords (Reversed) energy. A situation that has once ended or needed to end comes back around for revision and closure. Someone may be resisting a connection coming to an end and someone's ego or pride is not allowing for a reconciliation. Overanalyzing could make you make a situation much bigger than it has to be. Stay grounded and levelheaded, Gemini. Things are working themselves out.

Love Energy: FREE YOURSELF- (It's time to take back control of your life.):  Things seem to be spiraling all over the place and your mind has become the host of confusion and indecision. It's time for your actions to be intentional and proactive. Allowing chaos to loom and reacting to whatever the Universe throws your way has put you in a place of vulnerability and unpreparedness. It's time to get ahead of you situation and get a hold of your emotions. Ego and pride could be making things much more difficult than they have to be. Choose to be free of the tricks of the ego and make the active changes to assure you are aligned with your highest possible outcome.

Spirit Animal Advice: BAT SPIRIT (5)- (A rebirth is assured.): Things may be very unclear and unsure as these transitions take place. Trust that at the end of every shedding phase, there is new life. You are ending karmic cycles and as painful as these ending may be in the present, they are bringing in balance and realignment. Some of you are far off course and are being rerouted back to your divine path. Trust that after all of the shifting and shedding, a newer, wiser, more balanced version of you will emerge. Trust the process, Gemini. You will feel better, soon.


2024, Sunday, March 31st - April 6th:

Hello Gemini, this week calls for patience, endurance and resilience. The STRENGTH energy crowns your read this week. There may be something you've been waiting on that has not fully manifested. You could be fighting triggers or avoiding conflict by external parties. Choosing not to feed into the negativity around you and remaining optimistic and focused is a high priority for you right now, Gemini. You start the week in the Queen of Cups (reversed) energy. You may have to remove your emotions from a person or situation and make a head over heart decision. There could be conflict within a connection involving maternal or feminine energies being ingenuine or intrusive. You may be disappointed or upset in the actions of others. Your obstacles manifest as the 6 of Pentacles (Reversed). There are people around you with their hands out and telling them "No" make cause tension. There could be debts or overspending that create stress and put unnecessary pressure on you. You may be waiting on a payout that has not arrived or recently made an investment that has not paid out yet. Remain patient and try not to be triggered by this Mercury Retrograde energy. The delays and setbacks are common and inevitable around this time. You end the week in The EMPORER (Reversed) energy. You may have disagreements with loved ones that are being toxic or unfair. Someone manipulative may try to trigger you and create conflict. Releasing your attachments and expectations of loved ones that have a history of letting you down is necessary right now for your progression. Try to stay ahead of this energy, Gemini and do not be consumed by the misery and spite of others. You have your own issues and plans. Stay focused, you can't help everyone.

Love Energy: LET GO OF CONTROL ISSUES- (Allow this situation to unfold naturally.): The desire to know the outcome of a situation is something we all struggle with. Overthinking and anxiety can create interference and stagnation. The more aligned and prepared we are with our plans and goals, the easier it is to see and believe you'll reach your desired goal. In the times you can't clearly see your desired outcome, you have to trust and release the need to know or change the present simply so you can see your goal better. You have to trust in this situation and allow things to grow into what they are meant to become.

Spirit Animal Advice: BEE SPIRIT (7)- (Sweet results await.): Your patience and hard work will not be in vain, Gemini. There are beautiful things on the way, both romantic and career wise. There have been many trials and setbacks, and your resilience and faith has been tested. Once you have passed the test and endured through your trials, the fruits of your labor are sure to follow. Keep your head up and your mind focused on your prize. Its closer than you think.


2024, Sunday, March 24th - 30th:

Hello Gemini, this week it looks like intrusive thoughts and doubts interfere with you building something new. The 8 of Swords crowning your reading tells us overthinking may have created analysis paralysis. You may have blocked someone recently or have fears regarding reaching out to someone you feel may not want to hear from you. The Knight of Cups (Reversed) energy starts your week. You may be intolerant of someone's empty promises and take little stock to their emotional displays. Someone may be unforgiving of a past conflict and has removed their emotions from a connection. There may be a fear of rejection that holds someone back from reconciling a connection. The obstacles this week manifest as The STAR energy. Someone may be losing faith that a reconciliation is possible. There may be delays that create fears around an opportunity fully manifesting. You may have fears around someone's illness. You end the week much more grounded and confident, especially within a new connection. The 4 of Wands energy ends the week. New foundations will be built and there may be commitments made within a connection. Someone may be moving or purchasing a home and there may even be talks of marriage and moving in together. Don't let fears consume you, Gemini. You tend to not only overthink but think the worst in most cases. You have the opportunity to build something great, don't let your fears of the unknown steal this opportunity from you. You deserve this!

Love Energy: TRUST- (This situation requires you to have faith.): Your fear of the unknown, coupled with your pride that says," I'm not afraid of anything" can really hem love up for you, Gemini. Your trust issues have left a wound that reopens every time someone tries to get close to you, old or new. You are going to have to have faith in this new season of love. You are going to have to trust yourself, your partner and the Universe. You are safe and this love is real. Don't let fear tell you this new connection will be like all the others and don't let pride push it away. Trust and have faith, Gemini, all is well.

Spirit Animal Advice: SANDPIPER SPIRIT (21)- (Be playful.): Use this week to find peace within yourself regarding this new chapter. Not taking life so seriously could help you to release your fears of the unknown. During this time, you are being called to have fun and be playful. Invite your inner child out to have fun and run free. Do things that inspire creativity and/ or much needed excitement. Love and life manifest easiest through the highest vibrations. Engage in activities that raise your vibration and inspire your spirit of fun to shine.


2024, Sunday, March 17th - 23rd:

Hello Gemini, this week you are coming out of your shell. The 9 of Wands (Reversed) energy crowns the reading this week. You may be contemplating finally putting your guard down and opening up to something... or someone. You may have been holding back from people or feeling the need to protect your energy. All is clear, Gemini. You start the week in The FOOL energy. Taking a leap of faith and starting something new sets the tone for the week. You open yourself up to something new and different, even though you may have fears or reserves within this dynamic. There may be travels this week that bring in excitement. You are working on trusting your instincts, as well as this opportunity. Past failures in this same area may have brought in doubt or hesitancy, but you are pushing past it. Your obstacles manifest as the King of Cups. There may be a fear of being vulnerable that arises midweek. Someone could display emotions, or you may need to be emotionally expressive, which may cause you to overthink or reconsider. YOU BETTER NOT, Gemini! There are genuine feelings being expressed and explored this week. Do not let fears or pride snuff this new opportunity from you. You end the week in the Ace of Wands energy. A new, exciting, passionate beginning in work or romance set the foundation for an amazing and steamy weekend. Inspiration, anticipation and even sexual chemistry set the tone for a week of risk and reward. Go for it, Gemini, it will be well worth it!

Love Energy: VERY SOON- (Clearly decide what you want so that it comes to you now.): Love can be a great source of beauty or pain. Because of this, Gemini, you constantly wage an internal battle to have or not to have. The love you desire is possible, with the right partner, intentions an execution. The right partner may have arrived & it's time to decide now, if romance and intimacy are worth the risk. An opportunity at love has presented itself once again, and you are going to have to choose if this connection is what you want to invest in fully. Inside, you know it is, and its coming in fast, so make up your mind and trust it.

Spirit Animal Advice: BERAVER SPIRIT (6)- (Lay a solid foundation.): You may have come to a recent realization that rushing into new situations prematurely can have chaotic outcomes, that rarely ever sees the initial desired outcome. Start, stop projects may have been a running theme for you in the past, as well. There is a need to do the groundwork and build a foundation that is longstanding. You are being called to lay a new and solid foundation within your newest opportunities. Take the time to study and become knowledgeable, be thorough and intentional, and remain consistent in creating this new foundation, lest it'll crumble, you'll lose it all and have to start from scratch, again.


2024, Sunday, March 10th- 16th:

Hello Gemini, this week the Page of Swords crowns your reading. Pessimism and overthinking along with gossip could set a low tone for the week. With the 6 of Pentacles (Reversed) starting the week, there could be unexpected expenses or a debt that create anxiety and stress. Someone may owe you money and may not have it when you need it, causing rifts. The JUDGEMENT representing your obstacles for the week tell us there may be old situations that come to the surface, creating tension and discord. Someone from your past may come back around and that may create discomfort and even tension. The HIGH PRIESTESS energy ending the week says you keep a kool head. You rise above the chaos and trust the divine is creating these shifts for a reason. Your intuition may be heightened, and your memory refreshed after purging through this intense past energy. Restoration and healing will be necessary. Take a break from the outside world, Gemini. A good book & a soft blanket can do wonders for you right now.

Love Energy: FORGIVING AND LEARNING- (As you release and heal your past, you experience more love in your present moments.): There will be energies that surface from your past this week, and you are going to have to boldly confront them in order to release them. Now this doesn't happen overnight, but you have to put in the effort to heal. Allow these things to pass so you can move forward. There's so much more love in stored for you, Gemini.

Spirit Animal Advice: WOMBAT SPIRIT (68)- (Be at home.): You may be over stimulated this week. Space may be needed to process emotions and still think clearly, without emotional influence or ego. Stay indoors, take some time to be alone, meditate if possible, and go within to find your inner truth. Once you've found it, Honor it and Express it. But for now, take some time, ground yourself and focus on attaining your highest self.


2024, Sunday, March 3rd - 9th:

Hello Gemini, this week will make all the waiting worthwhile. As the Knight of Pentacles crown your reading, we see you've been patiently awaiting an incoming offer or opportunity. Some of my Geminis have been waiting to present an offer, and although it's been on your mind, it looks like you've put little action behind it, before now. With the HIGH PRIESTESS & the 9 of Swords (Reversed) energy starting your week, you are finally getting out of your head and trusting the Universe. This week you are raising your vibration and using it to manifest the best possible outcome. With the Page of Pentacles energy posing as the obstacle, you may have a hard time making an offer or accepting an offer from another. Put your ego to the side Gemini and use logic to solve problems and make positive strides forward. This offer can prove beneficial if you can put your emotions to the side. For others, the fear of rejection may keep some Geminis from extending themselves. Overcome your fears and put your pride to the side, Gemini. This week ends in a very positive energy, as the 6 of Wands represent a victory and successful execution. You restore balance and overcome any setbacks. Others will see and applaud your successes. If you can stay out of your head and put action behind your ideas, you are assured a victory in a new opportunity. Trust yourself & go for it!

Love Energy: RETREAT- (It's time to disconnect from the world.): Love may not be something you are focused on right now Gemini. With many disappointments and some past trauma, pulling back from love may be the answer for you right now. Disconnecting not only from love, but from the world, so you can evaluate your goals & desires, as well as your readiness for love could be in stored for you, Gemini. If your current love connection has been strained, maybe taking time to get away together could be the antidote needed to restore harmony in a static connection. To heal and restore a healthy vibration towards romance, space and time is needed. Take all the time and space you may feel you need. Just don't go and hide under a rock, come back ready for the love you deserve and desire.

Spirit Animal Advice: SPIDER SPIRIT (56)- (Make your dreams real.): Overthinking is a common trait of the Gemini. In times of transition and adversity, Geminis can either make or break their own progression. Self-sabotage has become a legacy of the Geminis as they notoriously scare themselves out of opportunities that challenge them to step out of their comfort zone. After a time of waiting, the wait is over and it is time for you, Gemini, to put forth the action needed to manifest all of the things you desire. You have everything you need, including the support of the divine. Get out of your head and get out of your own way so that you can manifest your dreams into reality.

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