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Updated: Apr 15


2024, Sunday, April 14th - April 20th:

Hello Cancer, there's a painful chapter closing that is heavy on your mind. The 10 of Wands energy crowns your read. There are karmic cycles being wrapped up and as painful as some of these endings are, its necessary for your growth into this new season. You start the week in The WORLD energy. As some doors close other doors are unlocked, and there is success on the other side of these doors. You may be recognized publicly for past works or the completion of a project. You are able to move forward with confidence in a career opportunity or creative project. Your obstacles this week manifest as the 2 of Pentacles. You may be overthinking the outcome of a situation, creating doubt and confusion externally. You may need to balance your finances or save for an upcoming purchase or investment. Make up your mind on which direction you want to go in and allow your mind to rest in that decision. The WHEEL OF FURTUNE energy ends the week. Your confidence in your choice will bring in forward movement and progression. There could be a sudden turn of events that allow you to move forwards with plans or goals. You may receive unexpected income, gifts or praise. Things are beginning to look up, Cancer. Try to stay out of your head. You are making the right decision, and your hard work is going to pay off.

Love Energy: ITS SAFE FOR YOU TO LOVE- (Open your heart to give and receive the highest energy of all.):  It's okay to have your reserves about romance given all you've been through, but you can't let that stop you from experiencing love right now. There is a connection present or coming in soon that will require you to stay open and receptive to new romance and the concept that it may be here to stay. It's safe to try again, it'll be better this time because you've grown past everything you've been through.

Spirit Animal Advice: OTTER SPIRIT (42)- (You are never alone.): There is always love around you, even when you feel the most alone or unsupported by the ones you want to feel support from the most. Love is here for you, Cancer, but love has always been here for you. The more you are open to love the more you will experience it. Your support may not come from those you wish it came from, but trust you are supported much more than you realize and if you need to feel loved or supported, ask The Divine to show you your support and you will see it all around you.


2024, Sunday, April 7th - April 13th:

Hello Cancer, you are getting to work this week. The 3 of Wands crowns your read. There are plans, preparations and tasks being completed this week in preparation for a new project or career opportunity to flourish. You may have been waiting on this opportunity for a while, but it looks like the time has finally arrived. You start the week in the 4 of Wands energy. You are laying solid foundation in new works or even a new connection. You may be looking to move or purchase a home. You are feeling better and finally coming out of your shell. Your obstacles manifest as The Tower energy. Past incidents spark fears or a future upset or future obstacles. Unexpected events trigger you and inspire sudden changes. Trust these changes are for the better, no matter how scary or painful or different these changes can be. You end the week in The JUSTICE energy. Legal matters may go in your favor. Someone may want to make things right within a situation where you had to distance yourself from them. Debts may be paid, and karmic debts are clear and you're able to start fresh with a clean slate. After a long time of waiting, you finally have the green light to get to work. Everything happens for a reason and as things are beginning to come together you are learning that you had to get through some situations to prepare for exactly what you are manifesting. It's all coming together, beautifully.

Love Energy: WORTH WAITING FOR- (Divine timing is at work in your love life.):  The key to a long-lasting love right now is patience, Cancer. Whether you are in a connection and things aren't in the best place, or you are in between relationships and becoming discouraged to the idea of actually finding love. Love is on the way and this love is worth waiting for. Not matter the need for the patience, be patient, Cancer. It will be well worth it.

Spirit Animal Advice: GIRAFFE SPIRIT (35)- (See the big picture.): Things happen in a divine sequence that may be larger than we can see at the moment. Recognizing that some things have had to happen in the ways they did in order to get you to where you are meant to be. Any discomfort or impatience you have right now may need to accept this. See the bigger picture and know that things have to happen to you so other things can happen for you. Trust in the works of The Divine


2024, Sunday, March 31st - April 6th:

Hello Cancer, you're on the fence about something. The 2 of Pentacles crowns your read this week. You may have a lot to manage at the moment. You could be going back and forth with someone, trying to find a resolution within a situation. The Knight of Pentacles energy starting the week tells us there's been slow progress within a dynamic. A situation could be dragging along, and you may feel someone is breadcrumbing you. Money and resources may be tied up in investments that have not begun to payout. A love connection may be going nowhere fast or taking a while to finally pick up and progress. Your obstacles show up as the 7 of Wands. You could be guarded and shut off to people. Protecting your energy and ideas may isolate you this week. You are focused on leveling up, but overthinking could harbor intrusive thoughts and create self-sabotage. The CHARIOT (Reversed) energy ends the week. There may be travel delays or possible car troubles. Indecision has created hesitancy and so you may consider pulling back from a connection or rethink moving forward in an opportunity you've been considering. Try not to think so much about the future. Analysis paralysis could cause stagnation in a season where you are finally gaining momentum. Focus and figure out what you truly desire and not what others have or expect from you.

Love Energy: PAST LIFE RELATIONSHIP- (You have known each other.): You and someone share an intense connection, Cancer. You may have known this person when you were younger, or perhaps you've shared multiple past lives together. The comfortability and familiarity you both have are due to the history you both share, in this lifetime or the last. Neither of you may understand the intense connection, which could create fear and hesitancy between you two. Don't be afraid, its, Cancer. You can explore this familiar connection, you two have serious history.

Spirit Animal Advice: HUMMINGBIRD SPIRIT (34)- (Be here now.): When you find yourself consumed with regrets of the past, or fears of the future, you must find a way to focus on your present. Take a pause to breathe and recognize that in this exact moment, I am safe and there is nothing I need that in this present moment that I don't have. The hustle and bustle of everyday life can create unrealistic expectations that we begin to hold ourselves to. Remember that you can only do what you can and that you do your best every day. Find peace in the present moment. Center and ground yourself in the wind, the sounds of nature, even the ticking of your office clock. Be in the present moment and reassure yourself that right now, in this moment, all is well.


2024, Sunday, March 24th - 30th:

Hello Cancer, things are finally beginning to level out. After a series of extremes, the calmer tides move in to settle the waters. The JUSTICE energy crowns your read. Balance and karma set the theme for the week. You may be justified in a legal situation and someone one may want to come in and right a wrong they've committed. The King of Cups (Reversed) energy shows there is someone who you've had to remove your emotions from, that wants to communicate their feelings regarding an ending. You may feel they are being ingenuine. Your obstacles show up this week as The EMPEROR (Reversed). You may find it difficult to be vulnerable or show emotion. You may find yourself short tempered or triggered by certain people. All work and no play in the recent weeks may have you overwhelmed and irritable. You end the week keeping to yourself. The HIGH PRIESTESS energy ends the week. You find it safer to move in silence. You can feel things moving in your favor and you are trusting the process. You are in tune and divinely connected. Things are working out beautifully for you, Cancer.

Love Energy: VERY SOON- (Clearly decide what you want so that it comes to you now.):  You're conflicted when it comes to love, Cancer. A part of you desires the romance and intimacy but to the contrary, you fear the vulnerability and deception. To love or not to love, that is the question. It's time to make up your mind. You may feel you are safest single or out of a committed relationship, but is it possible that if you took a chance on love, just what you've been waiting for may finally come in?

Spirit Animal Advice: SQUIRREL SPIRIT (21)- (Believe in yourself.): You are more powerful than you give yourself credit for, Cancer. In this new season not only are you going to have to believe in your fullest potential, but you are also going to have to push yourself harder than ever before. Your goals get accomplished, and you reach new levels of life when you know your capabilities, no matter what obstacle presents itself. You are unlocking yourself in new ways and this is going to require you to have an unmovable faith in yourself.


2024, Sunday, March 17th - 23rd:

Hello Cancer, this week starts with a feeling of long overdue progression. After what feels like multiple delays or a situation dragging on, you have finally received a green light. The Knight of Pentacles (Reversed) crowns your reading. A situation that has been dragging on is finally picking up momentum. You may have felt stagnated or even breadcrumbed in a situation and could have chosen to stop waiting on someone or something to show up for you. The 10 of Cups energy starts your week with great vibes and a feeling of fulfillment and accomplishment. You may be spending time with family or celebrating a job well done. A love connection may be in a very joyous and harmonious state. Talks of marriage and commitment may be heavy this week. Your obstacles manifest as the 5 of Pentacles (Reversed) energy. A large purchase may bring anxiety or a need to manage your finances. Getting over a financial strain may be the worst of it this week, Cancer. Get out of the house and find your tribe. Sitting in isolation won't help to put you in the right place at the right time. Prioritize your finances and utilize your network; you may be able to do more than you think. You end the week in an amazing vibration. The 9 of Pentacles energy says you are looking and feeling amazing, with all that you want and need at your fingertips. You are attractive and people may want to see you or be around you. Enjoy friends and family and come out of your shell, Cancer. All is well. You've earned this amazing feeling.

Love Energy: TRUST- (This situation requires you to have faith.): Believing in the odds has always proven to work in your favor, Cancer. Having unmovable faith in yourself and the Divine has played to your advantage in the past and will serve you just as well in your present connection. Things may not appear to be as they seem, and you are needing to have faith that all is well. Love may be an unsure space, but you must trust and have faith in the love you are creating. It's much easier to succumb to the fear of the unknown and walk away, but you must learn to trust yourself and your partner, as well as the Divine. It's all coming together in the best ways.

Spirit Animal Advice: SPIDER SPIRIT (56)- (Make your dreams real.): You can feel it, Cancer. Your energy is gaining momentum. Your ideas and arrangements have become blueprints and now your goal is just at your fingertips. You have been networking, building resources and solidifying your plans. It's almost time to bring these dreams and ideas to life. You have created a plan that is fail proof and ready for execution. You've been patient and overcome adversity with your goals in mind. I'm proud of you, Cancer. Your dreams are becoming your new reality.


2024, Sunday, March 10th- 16th:

Hello Cancer, this week starts off with a blast from the past. The 6 of cups crowns your reading as harmony and nostalgia fill your energy. You start the week in the 9 of Swords (Reversed) energy. Getting out of your head is a must, Cancer. You are gaining optimism as a situation doesn't seem so bad anymore. Looking on the bright side and speaking positivity over your affairs can help to keep your positive outlook. The 8 of Wands represents your obstacles, as delays or miscommunication create irritation. Things are gaining momentum, Cancer, do not rush. Utilize this time to cross your T's and dot your I's. Incoming communication could be a distraction as well. Incoming messages from someone from your past could stir emotions and possibly unresolved issues. This isn't the time to lash out or create an altercation. The King of Cups ending the week brings in genuine expressions of emotions and even apologies. This could be a great opportunity to gain closure in a situation and possibly reconcile a once loving connection. New perspectives and understanding can create the space to accept and acknowledge the past and plan to a better future.

Love Energy: RECONCILIATION- (Someone from your past is returning to your life.) & HEART TO HEART CONVERSATIONS- (Honestly discuss your feelings with each other.): Someone could be returning from your past to talk. You may have been avoiding this conversation, but the time has come to finally clear the air and get things off your chest. Make sure that you speak clearly and try not to be overwhelmed with emotions, as they could distort your message and create conflict rather than resolution. Trust the communication coming in is sincere and if it is met with openness and understanding, could reconcile a situation. It's safe to be vulnerable, Cancer. Transparency can be the first step in building or rebuilding trust. Ego & pride will only make things worse.

Spirit Animal Advice: FROG SPIRIT (28)- (Clear out the clutter.): You have so much pain and trauma stored in your heart. Your boundaries, habits and even your expectations are all formed around these traumas. When moving forward into a new chapter, new season, new beginning, you have to do the inner work to heal from those experiences and release that pain. It's time to do this again, Cancer. The anxiety and fears are clouding your judgement, so it's time to release them. It's time to clear the baggage in your heart from all past pain. All of the memories, emotions residue, and even the walls put up to protect you must go. Only the lessons you've learned can come with you moving forward. Your heart will be free and clear to allow in new things to fill it with. You have to be fearless in this next season and that includes love.


2024, Sunday, March 3rd - 9th:

Hello Cancer, this week will offer resolution and reconciliation. The Knight of Cups crowns your reading, indicating that offers will make their way to you this week. Someone may offer an apology and want to reconcile the past. The EMPRESS (Reversed) starting the week tells me you may start the week feeling helpless and stuck, unable to move forward. This is an illusion, Cancer. You are ready and although the required patience may be discouraging to the Cancers, it does not mean that the abundance you have worked so hard for is not on the way. Obstacles this week manifest as the 2 of Wands (Reversed). You may have a hard time seeing your way out of a situation as opportunities seem to move in slower than you'd like. You may also be undecided on which path you want to take, as opportunities present themselves in multiple forms. Patience is a virtue, Cancer! Take your time and choose what you heart truly desires, there is no wrong decision. Avoiding making a decision or constantly going back and forth in your head could cause confusion and stagnation. The week ends with the WHEEL of FORTUNE, as a turn of events bring in excitement and forward movement. Things take a turn for the better and your vibration is elevated, as you begin to feel forward progression. Be ready for all that comes with this good luck. Where you once felt stagnant and slow paced, you will be gaining momentum as your energy & workload increases. You manifested this, Cancer, you deserve it!

Love Energy: SEPERATION- (Time apart from your person is on the horizon.): There seems to be a distance, whether its emotional or physical, within a love connection. This week could bring in the need for space or even a separation, as emotions are high, and a lack of trust fills the air. Use this time to heal insecurities and reflect on the connection you are currently in. Is this how you would like to continue building in love? Boredom and discontentment may reflect in one or both parties needing a break from each other. Take the time and space and fill it with positive intentions, healthy desires and an action plan to grow a healthier stronger connection. This separation doesn't have to be permanent Cancer.

Spirit Animal Advice: SPIDER SPIRIT (56)- (Make your dreams real.): You have everything it takes to bring all of your dreams into fruition. Don't doubt yourself, Cancer. In times of adversity, you show up! Do not be discouraged now. Patience is required along with dedication and the will to win! You have built a strong network of resources and people, all at the tip of your fingers. Do not be afraid to utilize your network or your resources, it's all here for your gain. Things are moving in your favor, push yourself harder than ever and create the life you've always wanted to live. Spirit says you're ready!

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