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Tha VIRGO Vibe

Updated: Apr 14


2024, Sunday, April 14th - April 20th:

Hello Virgo, you are really going to have to get a hold of your emotions. The MOON (Reversed) energy crowns your read this week. You are trying to get out of your head about an opportunity or connection but with mixed emotions, your clarity is diminishing internally. Things are not adding up and you may become suspicious. You start the week in The EMPORER (Reversed) energy. You may be suppressing emotions or not revealing how you truly feel about a situation. You may be upset but trying not to explode or be overbearing. Someone could trigger you with their lack of consideration for your time or space, and you may choose to distance yourself. Your obstacles manifest as the Ace of Wands (Reversed). You may fear a new opportunity may never fully come into fruition. Intrusive thoughts may steal your optimism around a new project or partnership. Do not act on these assumptions and feelings, Virgo. They are temporary and will pass. You end the week in the 2 of Pentacles energy. You may be weighing out the pros and cons of a situation. Try not to overthink yourself into self-sabotage. Balancing your finances may be high priority as well. Money may be tighter than usual and so rationing and prioritizing expenses could keep your weekend uneventful. Instead, spend time alone sorting your mind, feelings and finances, so you can choose what you know you truly desire without confusion or doubt.

Love Energy: ROMANTIC FEELINGS- (Your feelings are real and worth exploring.):  You are still overthinking, Virgo. These feelings you are feeling are becoming intense and that could be scary, but they are worth exploring. Don't push back or create unnecessary confusion in a space where you may need to allow a situation to fully unfold in order to see its truest potential. Trust what your heart feels over what your mind creates and when you are ready, act on your truest feelings. They will be clear.

Spirit Animal Advice: COYOTE SPIRIT (16)- (Trust in divine detours.): Sometimes our goals don't fully manifest in the ways that we desire. We have to trust that even if there is a NO where we expected to see YES, that we will still be guided where we are meant to be. Trust the process of The Divine. Spirit is with you, guiding you every step of the way. Should an obstacle or blockage present itself, trust in the Divine to guide you around any obstructions and still get you back on course.


2024, Sunday, April 7th - April 13th:

Hello Virgo, there is a new opportunity that is high priority in your mind. A new career opportunity or even a new relationship has inspired creative energy and passionate works. You have your eyes on the prize. You start the week in the 8 of Pentacles energy. You are hard at work and focused. Plans and preparations are being made and you are building. You could be overwhelmed at your workload but the passion behind seeing a project come to pass will keep you driven. The King of Wands (Reversed) energy represents your obstacles this week. You may have fears around past connections and their interference in your future. Someone's in and out behavior could create doubts and fears that consume. Try not to succumb to the intrusive thoughts, all things are well and within a connection, you won't have to wonder someone's intentions. You end the week in the King of Cups energy. Someone will make their intentions and feelings clear. There could be offers and expressions of love and commitment that inspire emotional fulfillment and reassurance. Stay out of your head, Virgo. Your thoughts can be very dangerous during a retrograde. If you cannot reaffirm yourself, do not act on the thoughts you are having. They will pass with the energy.

Love Energy: TRUST- (This situation is calling for you to have faith.):  You are beginning to overthink, Virgo. It's not uncommon for you to create the worst possible scenarios without convincing yourself that what you desire is a possibility, as well. There could be external factors that influence doubt. You are going to have to trust in what you do not see and try not to assume what you do not know. This love will require faith and positive affirmations. All is well and all will be well, Virgo. Manifest the love you desire and trust it when it arrives.

Spirit Animal Advice: BEAVER SPIRIT (6)- (Lay a solid foundation.): In order to manifest and sustain what you desire, a solid foundation must be laid. You have to do the work and put in the time it takes in order to build something that can withstand time, and turmoil. Your fears are interfering with your ability to trust in what you are creating. You have to trust in your ability to build and attain this. Put in the time and effort and build something solid and sound that you can trust in and rely on. It will be worth keeping.


2024, Sunday, March 31st - April 6th:

Hello Virgo, this week you are in high manifesting energy. The MAGICIAN energy crowns your read. You are gathering resources, information and networking to bring this plan into fruition. The STAR energy starts your week. Whatever you are manifesting feels closer than ever before. There may be a reconciliation or healing conversation that takes offers understanding, healing and a new start. You seem to be in high spirits and people are seeing you publicly and admiring your accomplishments or work. Your obstacles manifest as the 8 of Swords. Overthinking could create unnecessary doubt and anxiety. Try to remain emotionally available, as a block in communication or emotional express could bring in miscommunications and tension. Try not to become distant as it could slow the progress of a connection. You end the week in The EMPRESS energy. You are radiant and energized. You are reassured in a connection and feel very attracted to someone in particular. Your dreams are manifesting, and the road blockages are being cleared away. You are your only obstruction now, Virgo. Trust, open up to love and enjoy the fruits of your labor. You've earned this.

Love Energy: YOU DESERVE LOVE- (You are lovable.): You are an amazing person, Virgo. The love you give is healing and the love you deserve should be just as healing. You are in the position to call in this newness and that includes new love. Don't be afraid or shut off to romance, Virgo. You deserve love and to call it in for you, you must remain open. You deserve reciprocity and appreciation. Call it in for you with no fear. You need and deserve this kind of love.

Spirit Animal Advice: BUFFALO SPIRIT (10)- (The abundant universe will provide.): The Divine asks that we have the faith of a mustard seed. The infinite and abundant universe has all we require and desire, but we must connect to it and trust in it in order to receive our portion of abundance. Trust in The Divine and release your fears around what you have or what you may need. What is meant for you is already yours and the abundant Universe will provide it. Release your need to control a situation and allow the Universe to provide for you.


2024, Sunday, March 24th - 30th:

Hello Virgo, this week you are done holding back. The 2 of Swords (Reversed) tells me you are finally opening up. There may be truths you've been holding on to or red flags you've been ignoring, that you can no longer ignore. It's time to communicate. The 8 of Wands energy starts your week. Incoming communication gets a project started or a connection moving in a positive direction. Things begin to pick up in work and your name may be the topic of multiple conversations this week. The 2 of Wands (Reversed) represents your obstacles this week. You may be contemplating your next move. Indecision may cause unnecessary worry or anxiety. You may feel stuck in a situation and may have to confront someone overstepping boundaries. The week comes to an end with The JUDGEMENT energy. There could be a blast from the past that awakens suppressed emotions. A past project may be reinvented or a past opportunity may be presented to you again. You finally make up your mind in a situation and you take a chance on something new. There may be a legal situation that has finally come to a resolution. Problems are being resolved and peace is being restored, Virgo. Trust the process and stay grounded in your goals and desires. They are manifesting.

Love Energy: HEALING FAMILY ISSUES- (Your love life benefits as you forgive your family (parents).): Family dynamics are taking a toll on you, Virgo. Discord between siblings and communication blocks between generations may cause conflict. Parenting and coparenting may be a drain financially and energetically. Finding a resolution may seem like a struggle, but in order to move past this and find peace within, a compromise and an ego death may be necessary. Be the peace in a situation, Virgo. Your family and friends matter to you, so mend the bonds that can be mended and sever all ties that need to be severed.

Spirit Animal Advice: ELEPHANT SPIRIT (25)- (Learn from the past.): You have experienced so much, Virgo. You have a book of lessons on how and how not to achieve your goals. You are in a place where you can use what you've learned to manifest the outcome you desire. You have to learn from your mistakes and become better. Virgo's can be notorious for self-sabotage and repeating karmic cycles. Use the pain and disappointment of your past to blueprint a better future.


2024, Sunday, March 17th - 23rd:

Hello Virgo, you may be trying your best to hold back your thoughts or feelings in a particular situation. The 2 of Swords crowns your reading saying you may be holding back. You may not be speaking to someone, or you may be refusing to see someone's point of view. The MAGICIAN energy starts the week. You are manifesting. You have more resources than you know. This is a great time to work on bringing any project to life. There may be multiple options presenting themselves. The 7 of Cups (Reversed) could represent confusion. Make sure to check out all offers thoroughly. Beware of smooth talkers and things too good to be true, they probably are. You may feel overwhelmed with a lot on your plate. The week comes to an end in the 6 of Pentacles energy. Your hard work pays off and you are able to see the rewards of your works. Someone that owes you may pay you back, or you are able to clear a debt. Reciprocity and balance may resolve conflict. Speaking your peace could do wonders for your connections this week. Focus on what you want and keep your plans and ideas to yourself. Try to refrain from asking other's opinions, as others' opinions may cause more confusion. You need to be clear and levelheaded. Trust your gut and all things were going to work out and your hard work will be rewarded.

Love Energy: WORTH WAITING FOR- (Divine timing is at work in your love life.): Trust that love is near, Virgo. The Universe is aligning you with your true love. Patience is key in this situation. This love may have required you to be patient, but the wait will soon be over, and trust it will be well worth it.

Spirit Animal Advice: HORSE SPIRIT (33)- (Freedom is yours.): In the times that we feel most stuck, it's usually more mental than physical. You can easily free yourself from any situation simply by releasing the need to control a situation. Overthinking, or thinking the worst can create an unhealthy mental space. Free yourself. Get out of your head and get more active. Communicate where you need to communicate or put your pride to the side and face a situation head on. You can choose to free yourself from any burden. Make the decisions, stop overthinking and release your fear of the unknown.


2024, Sunday, March 10th- 16th:

Hello Virgo, this week you may have to pull out of a project you've been waiting on, hoping to bear fruit. The 7 of Pentacles crowns your reading, letting us know something you've been waiting on, possibly a business investment or relationship interest, has had little progression and is dragging along. After some deep contemplation you are realizing you may have to cut your losses and walk away. This may be disappointing, as it may require you to leave people in the past as well. The 5 of Swords indicates the need to make necessary decisions that require severances to dead weight and outdated desires. Your obstacles manifest as the 10 of Pentacles. A complete and solid plan now lacks team members and or resources you may have felt were needed for the project to flourish. This may be discouraging but trust, you still have all you need to salvage this and be successful. You may feel something, or someone is missing as well. You may have lost someone or something in the midst of confusion and may be longing to communicate with them. The 6 of Cups (Reversed) could bring up past emotions as you feel a connection may be lost indefinitely. Mixed emotions may surface creating discomfort. There may be family discord, especially regarding children or siblings. Stay grounded this week, Virgo. All things will work themselves out. Make the necessary adjustments and allow Spirit to do the rest. There's still so much to come.

Love Energy: GIVE YOUR RELATIONSHIP A CHANCE- (Work on your partnership.): Don't be afraid to open up in a connection, Virgo. Fear of vulnerability has kept you from love in the past. You have an opportunity at love right now, and it's time to put in the effort. Work to build the connection you want to share. Don't scare yourself out of romance or bury yourself in work so you aren't available for the love you desire. Put in the effort and build a healthy and successful love partnership. Something long lasting could grow, if nurtured properly.

Spirit Animal Advice: ELEPHANT SPIRIT (25)- (Learn from the past.): You've gone through so much to get to where you are, Virgo. You've learned a book of lessons and it's time to apply them. Insanity is doing the same thing expecting different results. Moving forward, you're going to have to learn from your past experiences, so you don't continue experiencing the same thing or reliving the same cycles. Change your perspective, behaviors & patterns and watch new experiences unfold for you. A new life filled with new experiences await you, Virgo. Don't bring anything from your past with you, except for your book of lessons.


2024, Sunday, March 3rd - 9th:

Hello Virgos, this week may put a damper in your momentum. With the Knight of Wands (Reversed) crowning this week's energy, something you were once very passionate and excited about is put to a halt. There may be an energy of breadcrumbing or even deception as an offer presented by another is found to be shady or holds hidden motives. With the Ace of Swords (Reversed) starting the week, you may find out a hard and disappointing truth or even a lie around a new opportunity you had been preparing for. Deception may be revealed as someone's hidden intentions are exposed. Miscommunications & even arguments may set a low tone for the week. Try to keep your eyes on the prize, Virgo, all is not lost. The Empress represents your obstacles this week, as you may have a hard time seeing past the BS & recognizing you own internal well of abundance, despite the adversities. You have not lost any resources you can't fully recover from, Virgo. You are still very capable of manifesting this opportunity on your own, although it may require you to go back to the drawing board. As the week comes to an end, the Knight of Pentacles indicate slow and steady progression. Your vibrations may be lower than usual, but you are fully capable of restoring yourself. You may feel stagnated or detoured, but all will be well. Ground yourself Virgo & prepare to put in the work to recover from this minor setback, no matter how major it may feel in the moment.

Love Energy: VERY SOON- (Clearly decide what you want so that it comes to you now.): Love is coming in fast! It is time for you to decide what you want love to look like for you. Fears and insecurities will be destructive as you need faith and openness to fully walk into the love that is waiting for you. I feel there is a love interest around my Virgos, but you are still apprehensive to walk into it fully. Distance could be a hinderance, whether it be emotional or physical. You must now decide if love is what you want so that it too, may manifest for you. Someone is waiting for you to open up Love's door, so they can walk into your life.

Spirit Animal Advice: ELECTRIC EEL SPIRIT (24)- (Bring your ideas to life.): Although you may feel set back in your present energy, it is simply the illusion of disappointment. You are fully capable of manifesting all of your desires into fruition despite the setbacks you will have to overcome. Youve done great work, Virgo and you are fully supported by the divine. Find balance and harmony within yourself so you may do what it takes to bring all of your ideas to life with or without the help and input of others. Manifest Virgo!

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