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Updated: Apr 26


2024, Sunday, April 21st - April 27th:

Hello Libra, you have high energy this week. There's a lot to do and you may find yourself managing multiple tasks at one time. The Knight of Wands energy crowns your read this week. You may have an encounter with someone that has been in and out of your life and they bring mixed emotions in with them. You start the week in the 3 of Swords energy. You could learn of a betrayal that leaves you disappointed. Heartbreak could linger or resurface with an encounter from someone that triggers you. Your obstacles manifest as the 9 of Wands energy. You may have a hard time letting your guard down or opening up to a particular person. You may be overprotective of your energy right now, and isolating yourself could create distance in connections. Try not to overthink a situation. Stay grounded and focused on your goals, and not what others want for you. You end the week in the King of Pentacles energy. Your finances are stabilizing, and you may connect with people that want to collaborate with you. As painful as the past was, you have to remain grounded and focused on your mission and purpose. Setting healthy boundaries could help you come out of your shell and reestablish trust in a connection.

Love Energy: EXPRESS YOUR LOVE- (Go ahead and make the romantic gesture.): It's time to stop holding back when it comes to love, Libra. Fears of commitment or fears of letting go of the past could be blocking you from fully opening up to love. It's ok to be vulnerable as long as you know who to be vulnerable with. Trust your intuition and use your discernment so you can take a chance on love. And if you're contemplating reaching out or making an offer, this is your green light to go ahead and do it, it'll be worth the risk.

Spirit Animal Advice: CANARY SPIRIT (12)- (Sing your own song.): Things are going to be different this time, Libra. You are in a place where you can do things over differently. Make sure that your voice is heard, and you are valued. You have a unique energy, and it needs to be expressed uniquely. Hiding and dimming your light just won't work anymore. It's time to do your own thing, let your voice be heard and express yourself freely.


2024, Sunday, April 14th - April 20th:

Hello Libra, this week you are finally coming out of your shell. With The HERMIT (Reversed) energy crowning the read, you are resurfacing after a period of isolation. You may have felt the need to distance yourself from people and focus on your work, your growth and your goals. You start the week in the 2 of Wands energy. You are making up your mind on which direction you want to go. You may have multiple options you want to invest your time and energy into, moving forward. Some Libras are contemplating relocating. Don't allow indecision to create doubts and confusion. Intrusive thoughts will loom. Your obstacles manifest as The HIGH PRIESTESS (Reversed). Fighting those intrusive thoughts may be a challenge this week. Keeping your mind clear and focused could be difficult. Get out of your head, tune into your heart and listen to what you truly want and not what someone wants for you or with you. Trust in The Divine when things are unclear. You end the week in the Ace of Wands energy. A new, passionate beginning arrives and brings in excitement and momentum. A relationship could be beginning, and sexual energy is high. Things are beginning to feel much brighter and lighter in your energy. You've been doing great work, stay out of your head and keep up the good work.

Love Energy: HEART TO HEART CONVERSATIONS- (The time has come to clear your energy.): There is a need for open and honest communication within a connection Libra. Truths and even suppressed emotions may be revealed in order to heal a connection and move forward. There is a need for receptivity and openness within this conversation. There is much to come from this conversation. Find the time and release any fears or anxiety. This conversation needs to be had.

Spirit Animal Advice: BAT SPIRIT (5)- (A rebirth is assured.): Don't let analysis paralysis self-sabotage all that you are building for yourself. Overthinking the worst is the easiest way to manifest an undesired outcome. Trust that even though things are unsure, you will end up exactly where you are meant to be. Any transformation and change can be uncomfortable, and the fear of the unknown is frightening, but trust, Libra, a rebirth is always on the other end of transformation. Trust the process.


2024, Sunday, April 7th - April 13th:

Hello Libra, this week you are hard at work. The 8 of Pentacles crowns your read. Your workload may increase this week. A project or career opportunity has presented itself and you are taking full advantage of it. You are planning and preparing to get to work. You start the week in the 7 of Swords (Reversed) energy. You are no longer thinking the worst about a situation. Trying to trust someone's word may be difficult but you are putting in the effort to try. You may have considered cutting your losses and leaving a situation, but you are finding room to revise and restructure a plan in order to salvage it. Your obstacles manifest as the King of Wands. You may revisit a past connection as people resurface in this retrograde energy. These people may stir up mixed emotions and internal confusion. Trusting their word and believing that they are sincere may be a challenge. Take your time and allow this person to show you they are serious if you feel they are worth it. You end the week in the Ace of Pentacles energy. A new financial opportunity may present itself. Someone could make an offer to commit or collaborate on a project. Don't rush yourself to make a decision but also trust you have manifested these new beginnings and so there is no wrong decision.

Love Energy: RELEASE YOUR EX- (The time has come to clear your energy.): There is an ex that still has space in your heart. The internal conflict caused by this person has manifested externally. The time has come to release this connection. The love is unrequited and as much as you want to keep a level of rapport with this person, it may be best to remove yourself and try to separate your emotions. There is no mending this bond, so sever it and move on.

Spirit Animal Advice: GRASSHOPPER SPIRIT (35)- (Take a leap of faith.): Libras are notorious for over analyzing everything. Fear of the unknown could cause overthinking and hesitation. You are going to have to fearlessly move on everything you desire. Some of this will require you believing in yourself and in The Divine. There are new and amazing things are on the horizon and it may require a big change of environment. You are ready for anything, Libra. Go ahead and go for it!


2024, Sunday, March 31st - April 6th:

Hello Libra, this week you are cutting through the bull sh!t. The 7 of Cups (reversed) energy crowns your read. You have cut through the illusion and can now see a situation for what it is. Someone may have been giving you the run around or even half-truths, but you now know the truth. The King of Wands (Reversed) energy starts your week. You may have found out someone was being dishonest or stringing you along. You may be disappointed or upset with someone's actions and you now have a hard time trusting them. This person may have a history of inconsistencies and broken promises. Your obstacles manifest as the Knight of Wands (Reversed). Your energy may be low this week. You may find it hard to find inspiration or motivation to do the things that usually bring you passion. Someone that you are used to running in and out of your life may resurface, bringing mixed emotions to the surface. You end the week unsure and hesitant on you want to do moving forward. The FOOL (Reversed) energy tells us you may be reluctant to take someone up on an offer. Take your time and really evaluate what you want to do next. You may feel you lack the resources or experience required to manifest a new beginning. Trust everything is aligning divinely, and although things may feel overwhelming and uncomfortable right now, it is passing and creating space for your new season.

Love Energy: RELEASE YOUR EX- (The time has come to clear your energy.): You have been holding space for someone that has proven more destructive than nurturing. The time has come to close this chapter indefinitely. There could be a person or people that drain your energy or create a toxic environment for you. It's time to remove access from these past people and create boundaries that keep your feelings safe, and your boundaries honored. Clear your energy of burdensome and toxic energies and rebuild a safe space for you to thrive.

Spirit Animal Advice: ARMADILLO SPIRIT (3)- (Set healthy boundaries.): Your love and appreciation for some gets overlooked at times. Many often take advantage of your generosity and weaponize the emotional ties you share with them. You have to set boundaries with the people you love so you don't feel overlooked, disrespected or taken advantage of. You are able to give your best, most authentic love from within healthy, well communicated boundaries. There may be someone in particular that may feel entitled to your time, resources, or energy. Boundaries must be set with this person or job before a situation escalates from discomfort to chaos.


2024, Sunday, March 24th - 30th:

Hello Libra, this week you may revisit a recent ending. The 8 of Cups (Reversed) crowns your reading. Trying to walk away from a confusing situation may be difficult. Someone may be resisting an ending and may want to work a situation out. You start the week in a 4 of Swords energy. You are taking a break from someone or something and choosing to rest and reserve your energy. You are choosing not to fight nor feed into the energy of disappointment that may linger. You and someone may be on a break at the moment, and you are doing your best to honor the break. You may be fighting the urge to reach out and communicate to someone or you refuse someone's attempt to reach out to you. Your obstacles manifest as the Knight of Swords (Reversed). Disagreements and a lack of communication may create a challenge this week. After replaying a painful conversation over and over, you may realize a miscommunication may have contributed to an unnecessary ending. Seeing eye to eye or having your point of view heard may be a challenge. There is a need to talk a situation out and find compromise that doesn't require you to sacrifice your values. You end the week in the 5 of Swords energy. You remove yourself from unnecessary conflict. You may have a difficult conversation where different viewpoints could have created a conflict of interest. You need to remove yourself from toxic environments or circles. A resolution may require sacrifice and compromise. Hold on to your truths and values and find a way to resolve this misunderstanding.

Love Energy: PAST LIFE RELATIONSHIP- (You have known each other before.): Walking away may be harder than you think, Libra. The chemistry you and someone share is almost magnetic and that is because you two have shared multiple lifetimes together. This love was not born of this world. You and this person are soulmates, contracted to experience each other in each of your lifetimes. Resolution may seem distant, but so is an official ending. Ride the highs and lows of this connection, as you cannot escape it. You two have history and it doesn't end here.

Spirit Animal Advice: BUTTERFLY SPIRIT (11)- (Transformation is beautiful.): The shedding process can be a beautiful one. Shedding the old and being reborn anew gives you a second chance at defining yourself or your situation. Trust the process, Libra. The old way must be shed to allow a new way of being to come forth. These transformations can be painful but still beautiful and empowering none the less. Allow your old self to fall away and emerge from your cocoon, spread your wings and soar to new heights. It's all happening for you.


2024, Sunday, March 17th - 23rd:

Hello Libra, this week hits your heart space hard. The 3 of Swords crowns your week. Heartbreak and disappointment in another's action may take a toll on you this week. You may have recently discovered someone's deception. A feeling of rejection may linger under the surface. The Page of Wands (Reversed) energy starts the week. You may be passed over by a new opportunity that you may have been excited to start. Beware of smooth talkers that breadcrumb you. You may be experiencing writers block or a stagnant feeling as new projects feel distant or delayed. Be resilient and continue to push yourself. The 8 of Pentacles (Reversed) posing as your obstacle could indicate a lack of drive or self-motivation as things begin to drag on. You may be distracted from work or uninspired to produce at your normal capacity. Try to pick yourself up and stay focused, Libra. The week ends in the Page of Swords energy. You may have petty disagreements with someone that bring in harsh words or projections. Distance is the theme as you may not be speaking to someone. Gossip and insecurities may keep you indoors and away from your social media. Someone you may not want to speak to could be watching your social media and possibly your home. Do your best to maintain your optimism and drive. Find creative inspiration and take time to process your thoughts, from your feelings, from the facts of the matter. This energy will soon pass, be levelheaded and grounded when it does.

Love Energy: SEPARATION- (Time apart from your person is on the horizon.): Time and space may trigger you, Libra. Where routine and consistency tend to bring you reassurance, the now needed space from your partner may incite fear of the unknown. Boundaries have been overstepped and someone is feeling unappreciated. Space is needed to reflect on the current state of the connection and see if it's worth saving. Is this who you want? Do they give you what you want? How can you compromise without sacrificing your morals and values? This separation can allow you analyze this. Use this rime wisely.

Spirit Animal Advice: FLAMINGO SPIRIT (26)- (Embrace the in between.): In painful situations, we often don't see the opportunities that present themselves. The fear of the unknown creeps in and soon consumes. You can't allow that this time. Embrace the space that you are in, Libra, fill it with reflection of lessons learned, and intentions of things to come. Don't send yourself into a depression filling your mind with shoulda coulda wouldas. Use this time and space to grow and shift your perspective. It's only a temporary space you're in. It will soon pass, and you will be in your next phase.


2024, Sunday, March 10th- 16th:

Hello Libra, this week there may be difficult conversations that are finally had. With the 2 of Swords crowning your reading, you may be holding back communication within a situation. You could be emotionally unavailable this week, focusing on your goals and self-care. The MAGICIAN starts your week as you are working hard on your manifestations. You may have a burst of energy in the beginning of the week. You could be focusing on your health as well and creating good, healthy habits may be a current focus of yours, Libra. You can get a lot of work done and manifest your breakthrough. Your obstacles are represented in the STAR (Reversed). You may begin to overthink, as intrusive thoughts seep in with delays in plans. All this chaos could be discouraging. Stay focused on your manifestations and try not to be too distracted. The week ends with truths being revealed. Disagreements and even lies may spark chaos within a situation. The MOON energy brings to light all things done in the dark. You may have an opportunity to address any falsehoods and stand in your truth. Somone being deceptive may be exposed or caught in their lie. The truth will be revealed in a situation in which someone feels breadcrumbed or deceived.

Love Energy: DECEPTION- (Someone is wearing a false-self mask in this relationship.): Things are not adding up, Libra, and you can no longer ignore the red flags. Someone may be dishonest in their motives or intentions. Half-truths and vague stories leave much room to assume the worst, although your intuition is spot on. You may be holding back from revealing a truth you may have learned about someone. Not being honest with yourself or your partner about how you are feeling within a connection could cause that connection to strain. Everything is on the table now, Libra. It's time to have the difficult conversations.

Spirit Animal Advice: OWL SPIRIT (43)- (You see clearly now.): You can no longer ignore the red flags, nor can you hide from what you know is true. All illusions have dissolved, and reality is at your doorstep. Stand in your truth and honor it fully. Without illusion or delusion, you are able to make clear headed decisions where the head conquers the heart. It may be uncomfortable to say the least, but it is necessary, and you have to do what must be done. Do what you know is best and realign yourself with your highest truth and your highest self.


2024, Sunday, March 3rd - 9th:

Hello Libras, this week you're going to have to really show up for yourself, despite your doubts and anxiety. With the 10 of Pentacles (Reversed) crowning your reading, you may feel incomplete, unprepared or impatient as something you're waiting on is still in delay. You may be holding on tight to your finances, or trying to find ways to increase them, so you are able to make all of the moves you are planning to make, but the constant wait is becoming discouraging for my Libras. With the Ace of Cups energy starting your week, your week begins with a new opportunity presenting itself to you. Newness is the goal for the Libras, although this new opportunity may not have materialized into the physical just yet. The MOON (Reversed) as the obstacles for you could mean you are doing your best accepting things as they are. Delusions dissolve as the hidden motives of others may have come to the surface. For others, there could be a looming energy of something shady or shifty moving in the air. Putting those thoughts to rest and staying optimistic and focused on your new beginnings will be the task, especially with the Libras growing more and more anxious and impatient to get these new ideas and opportunities off the ground. The week ends with reward, as the 6 of Pentacles energy manifests as hard work paying off. What you have been waiting on arrives and brings with it a sense of peace, harmony and a payout if you've been waiting on finances to arrive. Stability, balance and recognition are the highlight of your week's end. Your patience and perseverance pay off and you are finally able to get this ball rolling.

Love Energy: VERY SOON- (Clearly decide what you want so that it comes to you now.): You may be unsure of what you want when it comes to love. There is a person that may have your attention but giving them your heart is a task. It is time for you to truly decide what it is that you desire and love so that love can come in for you. Do you still have fears and reserves from past loves that plague your mind and create insecurities and doubt? You must release this this, so your heart is free and clear to make a decision. Love is very near for my Libras. It is time to ask yourself do I feel safe and ready to love. You absolutely are but until you and your heart are able to trust 100%, love will wait until you are sure.

Spirit Animal Advice: SQUIRREL SPIRIT (57)- (Believe in yourself.): Libras tend to keep themselves in a constant state of indecision, weighing options back and forth, ultimately creating analysis paralysis. It is time for you to trust and your ability to make the best decision for yourself. No one knows what's best for you, except Spirit and if you are willing to listen to Spirit, instead of your doubts and fears, you can fully trust your moral compass and believe in all that you are capable of manifesting. You can do absolutely anything you set your heart to. It's time to set your heart and stand firm on the decision you've made. No more self-sabotage. Trust in what you are able to accomplish and move, bravely into what you know you deserve.

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