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Tha Aries Vibe

Updated: Apr 16


2024, Sunday, April 14th - April 20th:

Hello Aries, this week you are getting your energy back. You are feeling vibrant and attractive, and you are excited to get to work. the Knight of Wands energy crowns your read. You are taking the highs with the lows and are choosing to make the best out of a confusing situation. You start the week in The EMPRESS energy. You have your mojo back and you are magnetic. You could be receiving praise and flattery from strangers as you attract attention from all directions. Creativity can help solve problems where lack restricts access. You are getting great work done and can begin to see things start to come together. Your obstacles manifest as The STRENGTH (Reversed) energy. Ego and pride could burn bridges that are in the process of being rebuilt. Stubbornness and impatience could create confusion and unnecessary conflict. There could be two people butting heads due to a conflict of opinions that may affect others outside of them. Try to keep you kool Aries. This week ends in confusion and a lack of clarity. Someone may create illusions around the truth. You could catch someone up in lies and false narratives. You could have multiple options or tasks and you are going to have to prioritize. Things may not be clear at the moment, but you know what you want and what you don't. Let that be the guide, and everything else will fall into place. Don't lose focus, Aries.

Love Energy: PLAYFULNESS- (To recapture romance, allow your inner youthful spirit of fun to shine.):  Get off the hamster wheel and out of your head. Get out and let your hair down, Aries. Do things that make you smile and genuinely feel good. That is the energy needed to really bring in romance and possibly reignite old flames. Take a break from the hard work and take some time to rest and rejuvenate. Love will follow the great vibes you surround yourself with.

Spirit Animal Advice: SPIDER SPIRIT (56)- (Make your dreams real.): This is the time to really work to make your dreams a reality. You have brilliant ideas, and the plans are ready. Communication and action are needed in order to really bring them into fruition. Make sure these ideas and plans are communicated with the right people and protected from the wrong ones. You have all of the resources and network you need to make your dreams a reality. Get to work, Aries.


2024, Sunday, April 7th - April 13th:

Hello Aries, it's time to pick yourself up and get your head back in the game. There could have been recent upsets that made you feel isolated and alone. Money could be tight but may need to get more creative with ways to generate income. You start the week in the 8 of Wands (Reversed) energy. Travel delays could create setbacks and upset. There could be blocks in communication which is creating distance in an already strained connection. Someone is refusing to communicate or reconcile a situation due to immaturity and resentment. Your obstacles this week manifest as the 8 of Cups (Reversed) energy. You may have a hard time walking away from a situation and may choose to try to find a resolution. In a situation where the cons are beginning to outweigh the pros, you may have to cut your losses and find a compromise, although that may not be the easiest task. You end the week in The TEMPERANCE (Reversed) energy. A situation may struggle to find a resolution. Someone could have a stubborn or antagonistic attitude, making it difficult to negotiate. Time is needed in order to see progress in a situation. Continue to work on yourself and your goals and plans. There is a lot to be sorted out and these things can take time.

Love Energy: LOVE YOURSELF FIRST- (Your self-respect makes you more romantically attractive.):  This time is very important in the rebirth of you, Aries. The love and care you give yourself right now is vital in teaching yourself the love you deserve. Fill your down time with self-care and self-love. Pour into yourself in the best ways and manifest a love that can willingly love you in the same ways. Your values, morals and self-respect are established in these times. Learn to value your time, your presence and what you add to someone's life. Only then can others learn to value you in the same ways.

Spirit Animal Advice: BUTTERFLY SPIRIT (11)- (Transformation is beautiful.): This transformation process has been painful and healing simultaneously. All of the chaos allowed for the fake to fall away leaving raw truths remaining. You are facing these truths and transcending these experiences. This is necessary in order to heal these experiences and finally move past them. This process is beautiful, because it shows you your true strength and your ability to grow through what you go through.


2024, Sunday, March 31st - April 6th:

Hello Aries, this week you are finally getting back out and active. The HANGED MAN (Reversed) energy crowns your read. You may have recently been holding back from someone or a group of people. Plans could have been delayed or projects fall through after a long period of waiting. After a small re-evaluation period you are getting back to work, and it feels good. The 3 of Pentacles energy starts your week. People want to work with you to accomplish a goal or brainstorm ideas. Collaborations and meetings may allow a project to come together easier than anticipated. Beware of demanding people imposing on your time or space. Your obstacles manifest as The WORLD energy. A recent ending may be lingering in your spirit. You may find the urge to reach out to someone you are currently taking a break from. You have recently completed a cycle, but you are wondering if you've made the right decisions as endings become final. You may be waiting on information in order to move on to your next chapter. Money, information or resources may be delayed, but with the 7 of Pentacles energy ending the week, you can trust the coins are on the way. You may be waiting to hear back from someone after reaching out to reconcile. Be patient and don't rush their healing process, Aries. If they are meant to come around, they will. Until then stay busy and keep up the good work. It's going to pay off.

Love Energy: GIVE YOUR RELATIONSHIP A CHANCE- (Work on your partnership.): This partnership has been rough, to say the least. The many storms and trials over time, have both strengthened bonds in some areas and weakened them in others. You are at a point where you must decide if these connections are worth saving, and then put in the work it takes to reconcile. This could apply to multiple connections in your life right now. If these people are valuable to you, put your ego to the side and work on building and rebuilding healthy, meaningful and long-lasting relationships.

Spirit Animal Advice: BEE SPIRIT (7)- (Sweet results await.): You are being called to be patient, Aries. Given the transitions you are enduring, patience can be a lot to ask, but the reward will be well worth the wait. There are amazing things on the way. Money or resources may be delayed but they are still on the way. There is a chapter ending and this process may seem chaotic and uncomfortable. Stay the course, Aries. There is a reward at the end of this race.


2024, Sunday, March 24th - 30th:

Hello Aries, you have much more control of your emotions this week. You may have had to make some severances recently and are now standing firm on the decisions you've made to keep these people out of your present energy. The Queen of Swords crowns your reading. You may be very short with words. You are standing in your power and people know you are serious. With The HANGED MAN (Reversed) energy starting your week, you are no longer shying away from people or situations. In the recent past you may have been indoors and keeping to yourself after a painful and uneasy situation. You are pushing past that energy with a very powerful force. You may want to confront someone. You may have recently gained some information that confirmed suspicions and solidified a decision you've been contemplating. Your obstacles manifest as the 5 of Swords (Reversed) energy. People may bring in conflict as you remove them from your energy. Disagreements may spark from people over their bad habits, or yours. Staying away from a particular person may be a challenge this week, as they may come in bringing conflict regarding other people. You end the week in The SUN (Reversed) energy. The energy is set for celebration and good times, although the conflict may try to rain on your parade. Something you have been waiting on may be pushed back causing a temporary delay. The SUN card assures all will be well, Aries. Continue to push through this energy, there's joy and exciting times just on the other side of this transition.

Love Energy: ITS SAFE FOR YOU TO LOVE- (Open your heart to give and receive the highest energy of all.): Don't crawl int a corner and hide, Aries. Some endings are inevitable, and the pain caused from these endings are necessary. Do not let the pain close your heart or make you shy away from new love trying to make its way into your life. There may be a new love arriving after a painful ending, and that may have you on edge or unsure of how to proceed forward. Trust your instincts and the universe. Do not fear the past, nor making the wrong decision. It's safe for you to open up to new potential love interests. Enjoy new people, new romance and new experiences. A fulfilling, new experience is sure to follow.

Spirit Animal Advice: RHINO SPIRIT (50)- (Overcome any obstacle): You are the epitome of resilient, Aries. You have overcome so much and are still standing, ready to conquer more; good, bad or indifferent. Trust and rely on this aspect of yourself, Aries, especially when times are rocky and unsure. Transition and transformation are as natural to life as breathing. You will continue to overcome every obstacle thrown your way. Remember your resilience when you feel anxious, afraid or stagnant. You are unstoppable and every obstacle sent to stop so far you has failed.


2024, Sunday, March 17th - 23rd:

Hello Aries, this week starts off feeling unhappy with the outcome of a situation. The Queen of Swords (Reversed) energy crowns your read this week. Confusion,, chaos and resentment fill the Queen of Swords when she reverses. You may have had to cut some people off and distance yourself from ones you truly care about. You may be suppressing emotions and harsh words may consume an emotional conversation. Some may challenge your authority or knowledge on a particular topic. The EMPEROR (Reversed) energy starting the week tells us you may be intolerant of people and their opinions. You may feel isolated or alone as the week starts, but it's for the better. You want to be alone, as disagreements loom. There may be one person in particular that is very unforgiving. The JUDGEMENT (Reversed) energy represents your obstacles this week. A decision is final and that may mean the ending of a connection or project. Something from the past that may have been very start/stop or on/off, has ended and although this may not have been what you desired, you now have to acknowledge and honor the decision made. The 10 of Pentacles (Reversed) energy ending the week tells us you may feel incomplete. There may be celebrations or gatherings and you feel someone, or something is missing. There could be missing money as well. There is still so much to celebrate and so much more to come, Aries. Trust these endings are necessary in manifesting your new beginnings.

Love Energy: FREE YOURSELF- (It's time to take back control of your life.): An idle mind is the devil's playground, Aries. You have been freed from a situation and are now imprisoning yourself mentally by constantly revisiting the conflict to see what could have been done differently. Love should not bring confusion, anxiety or deception. As painful as it is to accept, Aries, the closure needed in this situation is vital. You have been freed physically from a draining connection and now you need to free yourself mentally so you can move forward from what was once holding you back and be free to create new love that unlocks and frees your spirit.

Spirit Animal Advice: WOLF SPIRIT (67)- (Turn knowledge into wisdom.): You have overcome so much adversity, Aries. Sometimes coming from a struggle, all we know is struggle and when we are bread in chaos, we normalize chaos, and tend to feel out of place around order or ease. You are entering a new season in life, where you won't have to struggle but you will need to remember what struggle felt like, so you can avoid it at all costs. All of the hard and soft lessons life has taught you has given you a well of knowledge. The application of that knowledge in your present season is what turns that knowledge into wisdom. Do not be afraid of the new and unknown, Aries. You have so much to gain as long as you don't continue your destructive patterns & habits and apply what you have learned to all you do. Be wise and rise, Aries.


2024, Sunday, March 10th- 16th:

Hello Aries, this week starts off feeling incomplete. As blessings roll in, you can't help but long for something or someone you've have to recently part ways with. The 10 of Pentacles (Reversed) crowns your reading, bringing in a feeling that somethings missing. There may actually be money or assets missing, while others may be longing for a connection that is not the best right now. Despite those emotions, things are getting back on track for you. You are beginning to reap the rewards of your hard work. The SUN assures better days are ahead. The King of Cups (Reversed) showing up as the obstacle energy indicates you may have a hard time controlling your emotions this week. At times you may feel upset and shut off and other times you are just over it. There could be a feeling of rejection that drags and potentially lowers your vibration a little. Someone may be cold, rude and shut off. Ending the week, the 10 of Swords clarifies the 5 of Cups, letting us know an ending of a situation is leaving someone hurt. There is still so much more to come after this, although the ending is hurting them now. Someone may be grieving a loss or an ending.

Love Energy: UNREQUITED LOVE- (There's not enough chemistry or attraction to keep this relationship going.): A relationship has run its course. The reciprocity has become one sided and the bad times are beginning to outweigh the good. This relationship may have a lot of time invested and that may be what you are holding on to, but the spark has died within this connection. It's time to accept that neither of you deserve to feel the ways you feel in this relationship as it is now. The chance of rebirth and survival is slim.

Spirit Animal Advice: HORSE SPIRIT (33)- (Freedom is yours.): As you take on new opportunities, you must find the strength to release all that you no longer need to bring with you. That may include people, places and even habits that may have been a comfort for you thus far. There are necessary endings at play in order for you to move into your new. In the past, you have found ways to bring these things along with you or revert back to them when things feel uncomfortable, no matter how controversial or toxic they have become over time. It is time to free yourself of the things you are holding on to that you no longer need, as it is hindering you from moving into your new beginnings. Trust that Spirit has so much more to come for you. You can let this go.


2024, Sunday, March 3rd - 9th:

Hello Aries, this week will bring in well needed relief. With the 6 of Swords crowning your reading, you are moving into a much calmer space after a period of chaos and discontentment. The week starts in the energy of the 9 of Swords, where anxiety plagues the Aries. Stress and worry may consume, as love, family and career all shift into the unknown. You may have fears around a specific connection or within a family dynamic. Try your best to remain positive and focused on a resolution rather than stress over the issue at hand. The HEIROPHANT represents the obstacles for the week, manifesting in obligations that are demanding time and resources that may not be available to you at the moment. This could also contribute to stress. The SUN representing the energy ending the week creates relief and even happiness as resources you've been waiting on finally arrive. The fruits of your labor and maybe even a few gifts bring in peace and restore joy after a long period of anxiety and overwhelm. You have earned this, Aries. Enjoy the well needed relief.

Love Energy: MAKE THE EFFORT- (Great love is worth taking the steps you are guided to take.): There is a connection that may need to be reviewed and reconstructed. There is much love here but also much pain. In order to salvage or sever a connection you must put in the effort to do so. If your heart says leave, you must put in the effort to go and then stay away. On the contrary, if you want to save a connection, you must put in the effort to do so. In order to change the state of a connection, you must first acknowledge where it is in the present, then create a mutual plan of action as to what is to happen in the future. Once this is established you must both put in effort to change the state of the connection for the better. Trust Spirit and allow Spirit to guide you into the love you know that you deserve.

Spirit Animal Advice: BEE SPIRIT (7)- (Sweet Results Await.): Trusting the process may sound more like a simple saying than an actual act that you are able to do, however it is what you must do at this time, Aries. There are amazing things in stored just on the other side of the adversity you are experiencing. Stay focused, stay grounded and continue to have faith in the divine as they are bringing in reinforcements to aid you in all areas. You have done great work, Aries and great things await.

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